Uniforms make the person smart. It helps project the unity among the group of participants and build their character as in the group philosophy. In this case, it is winning the game at all costs with decorum.

Have an Aim

Why does the uniform inspire? Look at the person on the street and the person who is in a marching band. There is a sense of purpose among the people in the band. They follow the dictums of their group philosophy and so they stay united. They have something definite to do and this inspires everyone watching them.

When one has a Rugby Uniform on, one experiences the same kind of passion. They want to achieve something and that is why they operate as a team. The game they play and the way they play depends on the quality of the uniform they wear. So, it is time you took notice of the uniforms if you have a team and they need uniforms.

Pick the Team Colors

The first thing is to find out the colors you are going to use for the team. The team usually has some colors such as red with black squares or blue with two white stripes. The color has some deeper meaning usually based on the game. It may be something like “Bigger, Brighter, and Best”. Or, something more complex such as “Play for winning, Participation is secondary” and things like that.

When you choose the usual colors such as red, blue, white, yellow, and black you run into one problem. That is when you play another team the other team may be wearing this same color. What do they do? The solution is simple. When they select the uniforms, the teams select two colors. This helps them to get around the problem of the color clash.

When your team has a smart Custom Rugby Uniform they get an advantage over the other team. This apart, during the game, the rugby uniform helps both the players and the spectators know who is playing for which side. By wearing the uniforms, the game becomes elevated in the minds of the spectators.

Make the Design

When you design the uniforms, make sure that the material is soft but durable. The best choice is cotton or a mix having cotton. You get lovely colors in cotton and it takes good design. You could opt for a polyester or Terylene mix with cotton depending on the need. Sometimes, you need pockets on the uniforms but in most cases, there will be none.

Make the piping for the jersey of a different color to stress the original colors. Use of different combinations of long and short pants, shoes and stocking, make many combinations possible. This adds excitement to the whole process of selecting a color for the team. You can get more ideas by consulting the team members and the manager. Their suggestions will also tell you if you were right in choosing the colors you chose for the team in the first place.

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