Do you want to print something like 10,000 pieces of a commercial print quickly and accurately? Well, your only choice really here is to go for heatset printing. Heat set web printing using the offset printing technique is the fastest combination possible to produce accurate high quality prints in the tens of thousands. This is because their processes of producing those prints are finely tuned for quick high quality inking and cutting. Let me explain to you further why you should consider using heatset printing to get the numbers of prints you need for your goals.

1. How does heatset printing work? – First let us get into the skinny of how heatset printing works. Basically, heat set web printing can be a part of the more established offset printing process. Offset printers use cylinder plate templates to transfer inks in an offset process to paper.

Next, the inked paper rolls then get set to a heatset oven wherein the inks are “set” and “dried”. This results great quality prints in full colors set accurately in their place. Also, the inks are typically more durable when set in this process never transferring off other materials or fading easily when exposed to moisture and dirt.

2. Why can it produce things fast? – The heat set web printing process produces prints really fast simply because it is a web type or roll-fed type printing. This means that the designs are inked to the paper on a roll within seconds really. So one piece of a large type of print material can be inked within a second really, producing probably 60 pieces in one minute, and hundreds already in just 15 minutes.

Since everything is rolling by quickly in the machines, it is well possible to produce tens and thousands of prints each day in this process. They will be all dry, set and locked into place in a very timely manner perfect for those on the rush for printing.

3. Is the quality of fast heatset printing good? – Yes, heatset printing quality is good. It can produce prints with the same quality as those glossy magazines at the speed of printing newspapers.

There will be no spillage or misalignments in the design because the heatset process has already locked the inks, making this process highly accurate with no real room for error. Most professional firms avail of this service for that quality, and you should also try to match it with your own full color prints.

4. Is it expensive? – Yes, it can be a bit expensive. Since there will be extra energy involved in using the heatset oven, expect the quotations for heatset printing to be more expensive that something that uses coldest prints for example. However, please keep it mind that that extra costs comes back to you in the form of better quality prints from your commercial printers. So believe me, that extra expense should be worth the price.

5. Where can I find a good printer that uses this process? – You can find professional offset printers using the heatset process everywhere really. The easiest place to spot them is through the Internet though. Just look for them through search engines, and just make sure to be careful and choose one that is easy to work with and fun.

So now you know the important information about heatset printing and the speed by which they can process your order. If you really want tens and thousands of prints in a jiffy, this might only be the process that will help you achieve it properly. Good Luck!

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