Are you thinking about putting together a group coaching program? Conducting a group is a great way to boost income as you can serve many clients within the same time frame. And often the cost for clients is reduced since multiple people are on the phone line versus the price of private coaching.

You’ll need to decide what topics to cover and how long the program will be. This is where your proprietary system can be the anchor for your group coaching program. You’ll need to run enough calls to cover the material in detail so participants feel they got plenty of the “how-to’s” they’re seeking. On the other hand, you don’t want it to go on too long so that clients won’t want to make that kind of commitment.

“Using your proprietary system is a perfect starting point for launching your own group coaching program.”

So how do you make this decision?

Again, I recommend following your proprietary system. There are a couple of ways to go. You could:

1. Have one call to cover each step in your system. This would give you a way to spend time focused on every part of the system, but not get into too much detail.

2. Develop an entire program for each step in your system. This would create a series and provide people with in-depth material and experience with your proprietary system. And clients could pick the program that offers the topic that they need the most help with.

One word of caution. Don’t try to cram everything from a three day workshop into one of these weekly teleclass programs. Why? Because this is not possible. The result could be that people only get a top-line summary of what you cover and will feel disappointed. In reality, you can only deliver a small portion of what’s in your system.

I have found that courses can work as a series of 6, 7 or even 10 sessions. So that gives you plenty of options for program length. More than anything, make sure you are providing plenty of value so people feel they got a lot out of the program and want to work with you again.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

When planning a group coaching program, take out your proprietary system and look it over. How many steps do you have in the system? If there are more than 10, can you combine any of them? Would it be better to split up the topics into two or more programs? Then map out what you will talk about in each session and see how that feels.

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