Learn to release limiting emotions gracefully : The e-course RELEASE THE EMOTION.

Emotions can limit you :

Emotions fulfill an important function.
Without emotions we would not be fully alive.
They sometimes have a life of their own, and we are not always in control of them.
This is mostly OK, it makes us spontaneous and human.

On the other hand, we all sometimes get stuck in paralyzing emotions.

Emotions we cannot free ourselves from, despite being aware, on a rational level, that these emotions just
drain our energy and limit our ability to act in constructive ways.

Research has even shown a connection between negative and limiting emotions and heart diseases.

You have emotions, but you are not your emotions.

But, we can develop the ability to let go of chronic or recurring emotional states that limit us or make us powerless.

This is an ability we probably are born with, but which then gradually has been lost. Just think about young
children: they can one moment be terribly furious at someone, or inconsolably sorry, and then in the next
moment play again in a friendly way, or be content and happy again when someone has comforted them. Despite having a very strong emotion, the child is able to somehow just let it go.

Note that the expression ”an emotional state” is not synonymous to “emotion”. The experience of an emotion
passes in a short moment, and is connected with something going on in our inner or outer reality. On the other hand, to be in an emotional state, a mood, is something that continues during a longer period of time - hours, days, or even weeks and months.

To be in a positive emotional state is desirable, as it gives energy.

To be in a negative emotional state can be natural and inevitable if it is connected to some external cause or
situation. The negative emotional state can motivate and give energy to create necessary change.
But if the negative emotional state becomes chronic, or returns again and again without producing sufficient
energy for changing what is causing it, or occurs without any obvious reason, then it can be better to learn how to just release it.

You can learn to do this with PsykosyntesForums e-course RELEASE THE EMOTION: The course is about learning to develop the ability to let go of chronic or recurring emotional states that limit and paralyze.
The course, that consists of 9 separate sections, describes different methods from CST, Cognitive Script Therapy, both those which work on a conscious, cognitive level, and those that more directly influence the subconscious mind.

RELEASE THE EMOTION is most readily done over the web, but each section also offers a link to the corresponding chapter in an e-book in pdf format, that can be downloaded and/or printed. Total size 32 pages.

The course also contains 5 audio tracks, that you can lisen to on-line or download in order to listen to offline on your computer or with an ipod. The total recording time is 1,7 hours. One of the tracks includes BWE, Binaural Brainwave Entrainment.

Read more at http://www.psykosyntesforum.se/courses_release.htm .

Author's Bio: 

Lars Gimstedt, Psychosynthesis Therapist, Life Coach