If you are looking for an irrigation system for your farm, you have several different choices. Before you decide, you should plan out which system works best for your farm based on the number of acres you plan to farm and how much productivity you expect. If you do not know where to start, take a look at some of the following examples of agricultural irrigation systems to help get you started.

Sprinkler Irrigation

This type of irrigation system is popular among farmers because it covers most any land shape, design or slope. Some of the sprinkler systems include the solid set, the hand move pipe, center pivots or hose reels. A sprinkler system takes water from the main source and distributes it over a large area, which is especially helpful if you plan to harvest large fields with many acres. You can also select low-pressure sprinkler systems that use nozzles to spray water in a 360-degree pattern.

Flood Irrigation

Using this system, farmers pump water from canals or other sources and let it flow in large quantities directly on the crops. This method is popular among farmers who are looking for a cheap and simple way to irrigate their crops. Although you save money on the equipment you need to use this system, it may not offset the cost of water. Unlike sprinkler systems that distribute water evenly, flood irrigation usually only covers half the crops, so in most cases, you need to flood your crops more than once.

Drip Irrigation

This irrigation system applies water directly to the root of your crops. Small tubes emit water to a specific part of your plants or trees, and you control which direction the water flows and how much water flows. You can hire an irrigation company like Hydrotech Irrigation Co to install drip systems above or below ground. If you are harvesting corn or cotton, installing the system underground is popular because it reduces damage to the tubing.

Other sprinkler systems include the linear-move irrigation system where the center pivot moves laterally across your crops and micro-irrigation systems that use low-volume sprinkler heads. If you are just starting a farm, you have to consider several factors, including your budget, your water source and the watering requirements for your crops. Consider working with a reputable farm supply company that offers both repair services and the supplies you need to set up your irrigation system.

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