As the competition in the internet becomes more intense, the customers have been looking for more and more marketing techniques to boost the page ranks. One of the favorite among them is called forum marketing. As the name suggests, this is a marketing technique involving online forums. This is method that is helpful in marketing a product or a service of a specific niche.

There are innumerable online forums where people post queries and there are discussions. In response to an inquiry, you can use these forums as a platform for inserting links to your website. The forums have a bigger chance of your link being clicked on because the customers are looking for an answer which is embedded in your link. This brings one to the first important point to bear in mind while doing forum marketing.

Always choose the right forum which aptly suits the services you provide. You do not have to invest time on a lot of forums. Choose the ones which have the most traffic by using specific search keywords. The relevant forum is going to yield results. If you participate in a forum discussion that does not match your profile, your link soon will be declared as spam by other users. The forum to choose must have at least 1000 members and 5000 posts. Check for the latest post and consider their frequency. Unless a forum yields 10 to 15 new posts on a daily basis, it should not be used. Choose the niche forums which deal in quality information. Just like there are good quality websites and marketing websites filled with spam, similarly there are good quality and bad quality forums, the bad ones being characterized by spam.

For forum marketing, always choose a good username and a good avatar. These identifiers should complement the information you provide on the forum. Use professional tone in the posts. The user name should not be funky or personal. If you are an expert at a subject, try and use it in the name if you are using your organization name. Else keep a person’s name without numbers and unnecessary expressions added to it. Provide a genuine photograph that is appealing.

Whenever you post in a forum, ensure that you have introduced yourself as an expert on the subject along with your credentials in the initial post. Offer advice that is appropriate without using the marketing pitch. In depth knowledge goes a long way in the success of forum marketing.

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Dante Wong has started creating websites since he was 13. He started creating his first website using HTML and upgrade his skills to use Dreamweaver and finally created his last website using a simple and easy software called Wordpress. He is now venturing into traffic generation niche as he belie that although creating a beautiful website is the key to reduce your potential visitor's bouncing rate, without traffic your website will have ZERO visitors.