Getting rid of UTI can be extremely difficult for 1 in 4 people. If you have suffered from multiple infections, you are most likely someone who should try natural remedies. Urinary tract infection natural remedies have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. This is most likely the cause of ineffective antibiotics.

If you have tried antibiotics to cure UTI, you may have discovered antibiotics do not work long term. Antibiotics give temporary relief by killing the E coli bacteria which causes most infections. Unfortunately, antibiotics also kill healthy bacteria which promote a healthy urinary tract.

In this article, you will see why cranberries really do cure urinary tract infections.

Get Rid of UTI Today with Cranberries

25% of UTI sufferers will need natural remedies to treat their urinary infection. Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular. In fact, even doctors are now recommending smaller remedies to cure common ailments including kidney stones, acid reflux and even UTI.

One extremely popular remedy for this type of infection is cranberries. Cranberries have been rumored for decades about their healthy power with UTIs. However, only recently have researchers discovered why cranberries can be so effective.

Cranberries contain a miraculous chemical (condensed tannins) which actually inhibit E coli from clinging to the bladder's walls. Therefore, the bad bacteria will eventually flush itself out of the body if cranberries are supplemented regularly.

Getting Rid of UTI by Tomorrow

1. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice 3 times per day is a great way to start your natural treatment. The unsweetened cranberry juice is great for the remedy of E coli. It is also relatively low in sugar which is good for urinary infections.

2. Another popular juice which can have similar effects is blueberry juice. Both of these berries contain condensed tannins which are responsible for keeping the bad bacteria flushed.

3. A great snack for both prevention and treatment is cranberries. Many stores carry dried cranberries year round which can be helpful and convenient.

4. Keeping your body flushed is also important. A flushed bladder is more likely to cure itself with plenty of water. You should drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.

5. Resting is also important during your home treatment. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep can help your body fight off the infection along with other immunity tips.

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