You have yet to discover how easy it is to get published. There are approximately 100,000 new books published every year. It’s time you joined the authors who use their books to open doors you can’t even imagine are now closed to you.

In the past it was impossible to get published without an agent and a publisher working for you. Thank goodness today it is a completely different story. And the greatest issue with the new regime is the author is now entitled to 75% of the profits from their book sales rather than the paltry 35 - 50 cents they had received when publishers held all of the controls.

There are many people who are dedicated to helping you discover the inside track of getting your book published and retaining the profits. You will be able to have your books in the book stores if you choose, create audio programs, speak about your book, have a membership site and participate in joint ventures. And each of these techniques will help you generate the capacity to earn at least six figures a year.

There is no limit to the amount of income you may earn. The only limit is your own imagination and the time you dedicate to your business as an author. There are many was of combining efforts through joint ventures with other authors to help you experience more rapid success and a broader audience. You can market yourself within our own comfort levels of time, exposure and resources through other’s experiences.

Some authors enjoy speaking while others prefer to be interviewed by radio talk show hosts. Quite a few authors prefer to sell their products while speaking yet others would rather promote their products through Internet marketing campaigns. When you’re not comfortable or knowledgeable with the technology, there are more than enough resources for you to hire out these techniques through virtual assistants and Internet websites such as elance who have lists of experts in every possible field you might require.

There aren’t very many pitfalls since there are so many resources to help you through the stages of publishing you are not familiar. You’re the one who should be in control of your destiny as an author. You will be able to use your published book to meet like minded individuals, be featured as an expert and gain access to many new resources. Through this process you will always be able to look at being an author as a special gift.

The first step is to get the book written. When you create an outline for your book, (15-18 chapter titles; 12-15 talking points [paragraphs per chapter]; and three to five bullet points per paragraph) you will be able to write your book in four to six weeks writing an hour a day. I will share my manuscript with three or four individuals who are good at editing and have them make suggestions about what needs more or less details, before turning the manuscript over to a paid editor. It helps tighten up the script.

The next step is to get published. Please refer to this process as Independently Published and never self published. You might get yourself banned from radio show interviews otherwise. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to find an agent or publisher. They no long are willing to get unknown authors published unless there is something noteworthy about their book. The work of getting a book out into the world has always been the responsibility of the author anyway so other than having the name of the publisher on your book, nothing will be different for you by being Independently published.

Books sales are great, but are only 5% of what an author generates for their income. The 95% of the author’s revenue comes from speaking engagements, membership sites, selling consulting services and through joint venture relationships. However, it is your book which will open the doors to these amazing resources.

Today, with the resources on the Internet, you will be able to sell more than enough books, create amazing relationships with other authors and achieve the acclaim you so well deserve through your intellectual property and by utilizing the new method of marketing yourself as an author and achieve the status of a successful published author in just a few short months.

Author's Bio: 

I spent 20 years in the printing and publishing industry prior to 1990. Then after tackling entrepreneurship, I became motivated to write my first book in 2000 so that I'd be eligible to speak at convention in Sacramento.
In 1995, I started teaching other authors how to retain 75% of the book sales price and how to market their books to achieve a 6-figure income.
I have just released my tenth book and I'm working with 15 authors simultaneously on creating their author business, sharing with them the shortcuts and revenue generating techniques I have discovered.