It certainly sounds like a fishy tale however it seems real. There is a form of "live" fish known as medical doctor fish that you could possibly use for psoriasis cure. For this cure, you permit the fish to feed using a affected part of the skin. Slightly more dead epidermis you may have, the more these tiny fishes will come to you. Doctor fish can be identified scientifically as Garra rufa.

The practice of using doctor fish to deal with itchy skin was 1st used at the small towns of Kangal and Sivas in Turkey, in which the fish are endemic. The spa in Kangal has been a psoriasis cure centre since 1988. Without having obvious cure for this disabling skin disorder, people from all parts from the world flock here for psoriasis treatment. Right here, they get their first experience from the doctor fish nibbling away at their skin. Nevertheless psoriasis is the most widely acknowledged epidermis disorder taken care of here, dermatitis, eczema and most other itchy epidermis conditions also benefit very well from the treatment method.

The medical doctor fish have enormous appetites, as the high 36°C mineral water temperature can not generate enough nutrients for them. So they'd get into a feeding frenzy once they come throughout scabby epidermis. The older and thicker your affected epidermis is, slightly more delicious it really is to them.

The doctor fish apparently only adores dead skin. They'll abandon your healthy epidermis alone. The end result is the fact that those who experience getting doctor fish to deal with itchy skin emerge from the water with pure, glowing, entirely buffed skin.

If you need to give it a go, then that is everything you should do in the spa: immerse yourself in a pool eight hrs every day for 21 days. Just before having breakfast each day, you are supposed to drink a minimum of three glasses of healing water on an empty stomach. You are also not permitted to take other medicine or medications during the period.

This can be said that their mouths are made for licking and nibbling aside the psoriatic plaques and scaly skin. The saliva inside the mouths of doctor fish is the essential part in the treatment; others also credit the selenium-rich waters (1 gram per liter concentration) of the spa plus the high altitude Turkish sunshine (ultraviolet is helpful for psoriasis treatment). The effects are wonderful.

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