How to get over being dumped is hard as waking up early in the morning trying to stimulate the body for school.In any boy-girl relationship, it is normal that break-up happens for some pretty good reasons.In the scenario of break up, either of the couples decide the break up and the other one agrees or disagrees with it.The one who feels the most pain is actually the one being left alone, the one who never expected that break up will happen.The pain from being dumped is extreme but whether you like it or not, you need to move on.

Being totally in love can give you an ultimate happiness, but being broken hearted can give you depression It takes so much time before you can finally say that you really are fully recovered from heartaches. As such, here are some important points to help you get over being dumped.

* On giving advices

The truth about advices is that they all do not give you relief from pain, sometimes, it can make you feel more depressed. Sometimes you have to believe that there are no amount of advice can help you feel good as before when you were happy in love and you believe that the only therapy is your past boyfriend saying “I love you too” to you.Long messages of advices from friends are less therapeutic than short but logical and sensible messages.Hugs and kisses from friends are also warm, making you feel light and better.Friends must be there for you even without advice as long as they are able to listen.So, with all the advices given to you just pick those advices that you think will really help you.

* On prayers

The hardest part of being dumped is the point of realizing that the relationship is all gone and the one you love the most left you. You actually would not even want to wake up at all but that will not happen. You are always waking up with your heart broken. With faith, i know God is always good and he will heal your heart by constant and sincere prayer.He may give you a broken heart today but tomorrow He has lots of things store for you and you realize that you are marvelously made.

* On the process of moving on

If you want to remove all the pains, you need to move on, it is a must!Moving on can take years, months, weeks or days. Just keep the faith and things will fall into place. Bear in mind that happiness is a choice, and even without him, you can be happy with your family and friends.

When you were dumped, for sure you never ate, you cried yourself to sleep and became asocial for a moment.There's no point of going over depression and deprivation at the same time, how to get over being dumped has something to do with facing the truth and reality and learn from it.

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