Getting married is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life. It is not only a commitment between two people, instead, but it’s also a commitment between two families. In Bangladesh, marriage is known to be a celebration.

However, that might not be the case for everyone. Marriage must happen with the independent and full consent of the designated spouses. It builds rights and responsibilities between the spouses.

In this article, all the circumstances related to marriage will be discussed.


 The minimum age of brides must be 18 years.
 Minimum Age of the groom must be 21 years.
 Official proclamation of marriage by one of the parties and acceptance by the other party.
 Minimum two witnesses must be present.
 One person will be present as a guardian.
 Dower money must be decided by the guardian of the parties of the marriage.


Registration fees are fixed based on dower money.

1. For each 1000, the registration fee is 12.50.
2. For each 1, 00,000 registration fee is 1,250.
3. After 4 00,000, for each lac, the registration fee is 100.
Marital rules are based on religious beliefs and civil law in Bangladesh.


Marriages are really important. It is the effective founder and benefactor of humans. Marriage may lower the risks of violence for men and women. Marriages may help people live longer as it is difficult to live alone after a certain period.

Many people may think of marriage as a financial burden, but marriage is a constructive foundation in increasing earning. Marriage is the only rational assurance of permanence in a sentimental relationship.



Poverty is a major issue encouraging child marriage. Girls in this country are generally considered as a burden. Families often force their underage daughter to get married to an older man to gain financial security.
In Bangladesh, some people think that puberty is a sign that a girl should get married.

People keep on taunting and pressuring the family members. Most of the time, parents give up and marry off their underage daughters.

In some families, giving birth to a daughter in considered bad luck as they have to save money to get their daughter married. Some family members force their underage daughter to marry so they can get her married giving less dowry.

Often the groom’s family thinks that it’s their right to get dowry. They want to use that money to fulfill their dreams or set a business or work position for the groom.

There are many situations where daughters are married early to keep themselves safe from unwanted occurrences. Many families marry off their young daughter as young girls are considered to be virgin and getting them married early protects the family's honor.


Most of the marriages in Bangladesh are arrange marriage. In this kind of marriage, families choose a bride or groom and participate in the arrangements, but consent to get married remains with the ones to be married.
In a forced marriage, at least one of the sides does not consent to get married.


Court Marriage is an acknowledgment of marriage. It is an announcement before the notary Public between affidavit, which needs stamp paper and signature of both partners. After they confirm themselves as husband and wife in the affidavit they must get married before the marriage registrar to show that they got married with proper approval.

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Marriage is a life-long commitment that expands perspective and the determination of survival in the world. It gives a favorable circumstance to be humanitarian. Although marriages are full of ups and downs, but it fills life with a lot of unpredictable memories and joy.

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