Looking, being, and acting perfect is not always what it is cracked up to be. It can occasionally be stemmed from perfectionism and shame based thinking, It is through the cracks that God can enter. The more cracks, hence more light.
Vulnerability and humility can catapult us into opening up to seek something with a higher meaning or purpose.. We tend to question deeper meaning in desperate times to try to make sense of it all.
Being cracked open by life’s trials and tribulations are neither for the weak nor weary, but once you walk or break through life’s challenges you will be stronger than you could ever imagine. Did you know that when a broken bone heals, it often becomes stronger than before it broke. Through the broken pieces we become stronger and ultimately find answers, God, and fulfillment.
In the state of being broken we have two choices; sink or swim. When choosing to swim there is a huge component of surrendering to enable us to rise, literally, above the situation. If panic is involved, then sinking is inevitable. Remember that breathing is also essential.
Also, to truly let the light in, we need to strive for imperfection and expose our shame based thinking..Know that perfection can really dampen our true selves. Another way to plug into God and let the light in, is to share our vulnerabilities, become authentic with our true selves, and take risks in opening up with people who feel safe and trustworthy. It is okay to be broken, we all are, and some are just better at hiding it than others!
Finally, the gift of desperately being cracked open helps us stretch beyond our comfort zone. We reach for solutions that ordinarily would not have come into our lives. Often, miracles manifest due to our need to reach past our old patterns or ways of doing things, and jumping into unknown territory. Expansiveness truly becomes our reality, strictly for survival’s sake, but remember to fasten your seatbelt and enjoy life’s glorious ride!

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Susan Foxley is a certified life coach, yoga instructor, and bodyworker for over 18 years. Susan Has studied on both India and in the United States with many amazing masters and it can be reflected in her yoga classes, life coaching workshops, and in her weekly blogs. Find out more about Susan at susanfoxleyyoga.com.