When you experience foot pain, everyday activities such as walking, running, or even standing become frightful and daunting tasks. It is firstly recommended to pay close attention when choosing your foot wear. If this does not provide the comfort you need there are specially designed orthotics or shoe insert to provide the comfort you seek. Foot discomfort and pain is a common ailment experienced by several individuals. The causes may include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bunions
  • Painful high arches
  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Plantar fasciitis, or heel pain

Efficacy Of Orthotics For Pain Relief

Some of the best insoles are designed to provide comfort by redistributing weight across the foot and thereby relive pressure off sensitive areas. By providing a cushioning effect it reduces the biomechanical load applied from the upper body on the lower, weight-bearing parts of the body. They also act by correcting gait and other structural abnormalities. If this pain is not eased off the feet it could gradually lead up to pain in the shin and knee areas, and also lower back pain.

Research has provided substantial results of orthotics being beneficial in easing patients’ pain arising from the foot and ankle areas. Yet, the exact mechanism and mode of action of creating these positive effects are unknown. There is certain degree of data which shows that shoe inserts very subtly affect the muscle activity related to movement creating very fine levels of control in gait. This altered muscle activity results in stress reduction in key points of the foot.

Using A Shoe Insert For Arthritis

There has been evidence of use of the right type of inserts being effective in slowing the damaged caused to the knee in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. They have also been found to be beneficial in reducing pain in rheumatoid arthritis and lower extremity osteoarthritis conditions. But the research findings regarding what type of treatment is best in this conditions is mixed. Some experts suggest that custom-made inserts are more efficacious in leading to long-term corrections of biomechanics of the foot to prevent progression of the disease condition.

Many patients who have resorted to taking pain medication provide testament that such inserts provide relief. But some customs inserts come with a big price tag and are not covered under certain insurance plans. In order to select the best option for your condition it is best to seek medical device so that it can be assessed whether you need special designs or could make do with off-the-shelf inserts.

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Author Bio :

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