Doctors, nurses and other health care providers are professionals that are licensed to deliver a necessary diagnosis and treatment for the sick and the injured. With a great deal of time and energy invested into education and gaining the experience to be the best in your field of expertise. It is our hope that those ministering to us have achieved this level of expertise. On most occasions, the more common medical procedures people go through do go smoothly. Sometimes...not so much. Unfortunately, unexpected things cause negative complications.

A simple misdiagnosis can be classified as a medical malpractice when the correct diagnosis was more than obvious to many and the practitioner chose to ignore the obvious signs due to haste or arrogance. Negligence is the phrase used in legal circles. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis due to negligence negatively impacts lives forever.

By definition, medical malpractice is a legal term that pertains to acts of negligence of a professional health care provider that can cause further complications in the physical or mental condition of the patient. Severe cases of a botched surgery may even lead to devastating physical handicaps or even death. Medical malpractice may occur when health care providers veer away from the standard of care outlined by best practices and the Hippocratic Oath they serve. Here is a quick list of the more common incidences of medical malpractice:

  1. Allergic reactions to anesthesia medications
  2. Delay in the decision making to go from a natural child birth to a C-section
  3. Obvious misdiagnosis of ailments
  4. Dental malpractice
  5. Medical errors
  6. Abuse in Nursing Homes
  7. Surgical errors

Statistics show that the occurrence of medical malpractice happens more with out-patient visits than with requiring inpatient visits and more complex surgeries. On the other hand, the severity of surgical complications is more costly in hospitalized patients than to that of outpatient cases. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that over 90,000 people have lost their lives because of medical errors. Over 1.5 million people suffer from complications resulting from mishandled pharmaceutical products.

Who Can File for A Medical Malpractice Claim?
Any patient who has suffered physical and mental injury because of the negligence of a health care professional can file a lawsuit. Victims of medical negligence in New York City will need to have a good case with documented evidence of the negligence to pursue a personal injury claim in the Bronx. Not every medical lawyer in Bronx, NY can provide the help you need. Start looking for a NYC law firm with medical malpractice experience rather than just any personal injury compensation lawyer.

When proving a case of medical malpractice, the complainant has to establish first that the healthcare provider was specifically hires to perform services and treatment. If it can be proved by your Bronx legal help team that the practitioner failed to meet a quality of care, then the medical malpractice law firm in Fordham may choose to move forward with handling your case and continue the discovery session. This can be a very long process so buckle your seat belts.

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