Movies, television, photography and other events form the canvas of an art director. One of the most respectable positions in the artistic field, art direction involves decision making with respect to the product and all its direct and indirect aspects. As a part of the creative team, the art director is responsible for the journey of idea germination till the final product is displayed.

An art director also needs to understand the budget aspects to work with other commercial departments. He or she also is responsible for retouching and working with the editor on the final layout. They are key decision makers while choosing the services and handling of photographers, illustrator, props and even models at times.

Educational Aspects

For artistic minds, choosing photography, drawing (sketching) and other art based courses would be the perfect set up. Once you are done with such a framework, you can opt either for a 2 year course or a 4 year degree course to learn the nuances involved.

There are special art schools and colleges apart from departments in major universities for such students. Unlike other admissions, there might be private entrance tests or a requirement of putting forth an art portfolio of the respective specialization. Colleges have placement cells which form a link between job opportunities and deserved pupils.

Job Opportunities

Publishers, art agencies, print media, film & television fraternity and other aspects require the services of art directors. Teaching also has an excellent scope. Freelancing art directors are required during many stages of a creative assembly.

Career Scope

Once your career choices and profile match, then the scope is unlimited. In addition, the accolades and financial prospects are encouraging. Most movies and serials require art agencies for their creative requirements. After experience, an art director may go on to become a creative director or even get involved into an operational role like being a manager, head or a vice president.

The salary structure normally depends on the work involved, but healthy pay packages of around 100,000 $ per annum can be proclaimed after some years of experience. Freelancers either work per hour or get a fixed amount per project.

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Career choices and profiles synchronize with respect to job opportunities. If you are interested in exploring the infinite propositions as an art director, then learning about work conditions, pay scales, and courses required would be helpful. Subscribing to an online career portal is recommended for starters.