Once upon a time long ago, when men rode to work on horses, and women stayed at home, there lived a very wise man. He lived a simple life, working long hard hours at his trade, mending the chariot wheels and fixing the shoes the horses wore. The sign on his little shop said:

One day a man rode up on his horse and said, “Blacksmith, fix my horse’s shoe, I think it’s broken.” “Yes Sir”, said the blacksmith, “I’ll have it done quickly.” The man seemed impatient and uncomfortable, and after some time he approached the blacksmith with a question. “Blacksmith” he said, “I intend to spend a few days in your village on business. Tell me, what kind of people live in your village?” The blacksmith thought for a moment, and then answered with another question. “What kind of people live in the town where you came from?” “Oh,” said the man, “they were very difficult people. I found them quite rude and disrespectful. Some were even cynical and critical of my product. One man insulted me.”
The blacksmith gave an understanding sigh as he said; “I have bad news for you, Sir. I think you will find the people in our village, just like the people you met in the town where you came from. They probably will be just as cynical and critical, just as rude and disrespectful as those you met in the town you came from.” The man seemed angry and muttered under his breath, “Seems everywhere I go people are rude and critical. I just don’t understand.” The blacksmith smiled knowingly, as he completed the job and bid the man goodbye.
It was late in the afternoon when a lady rode up in her horse and buggy. She was distraught. “I hope you can help me Mr. Blacksmith. All along the road my buggy wheel has been wobbling, and I am worried that it might fall off.” “Not to worry,” said the blacksmith, “we’ll soon have you on your way again,” and he smiled a comforting smile. The lady seemed relieved, and thanked him for his interest. After a while she explained to him that she would be in the village for a few days on business and she was just wondering, “What kind of people live in your town?” Again the blacksmith answered her question with his question: “What kind of people live in the town where you came from?” “I’m glad you asked that question,” she said. “I’ll not forget those people, they were so kind, they were so respectful, and they were so sensitive and considerate. I must go back there again.” “I have good news for you” said the blacksmith. “In my village you will find the people just as kind, just as considerate, just as respectful as the people in the town where you came from”, and he wished her a good day as he completed the job and bid her goodbye.

 Getting the best from People
That night the blacksmith told his wife about his experience. He told her about the man who had a bad experience, and the woman who had a good experience. He told her it was a picture of people and their world. He told her that some people as they walk life’s road, consistently get the best that people have to offer. They get kindness, respect, appreciation and love. They get the best from others. Others as they travel the same road get the worst that people have to offer. They get criticism, cynicism, disrespect and rejection. “Why is that?” asked the blacksmith’s wife. Said the blacksmith, “because some learn the power of a positive Attitude and some never become aware of the negative Attitude they have.”

Think of the kind of people that live in the town you come from, the school that you attend, the job that you have and the church that you go to. What kind of people are they? Kind, trusting and respectful? Or could they be critical, unappreciative and unkind? Is there a chance they might be reflecting the attitude that you are showing them? Is it possible that you are attracting the behaviour that they are showing you?
I am always quick to point out to people when they speak of having a great manager, supervisor or friend, that they have a lot to do with that relationship. Maybe quite unconsciously they are communicating a positive, appreciative attitude, and their manager, supervisor and friend is merely reflecting it back to them. The Law of Attraction at work again!

Excerpt from “Life One-0-One: Find your Purpose”
by Vince Dacosta . . . . . . website: www.lifeone0one.com

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