Do you know how many opportunities are missed by not striking up a conversation with someone in an elevator for example? How about when you are waiting in line at a popular restaurant? Maybe you are sitting at the airport in preparation for your flight. Perhaps you are waiting for the doors to open at a football stadium or hockey arena. You could be one of thousands of people taking the subway in New York or the El in Chicago.

The occasions for speaking to someone standing next to you, sitting next you, behind you or in front of you are so many and varied that were you to take advantage of this type of situation, you would be surprised at how successful it could be. Of course, not everyone to whom you speak is going to be receptive; however, if 1 out of 10 are interested, would it have been worth the effort? If that 1 individual ends up buying your product, enlisting your services, inviting you to speak to their organization or club, or even recommends your services to someone else, then your answer would have to be yes.

Networking is a valuable tool in today’s business world; however, it need not be done just through a chamber of commerce event, NAWBO, BNI or some other type of leads or referral organizations. It can be done anywhere, anytime, with anyone. This is why being prepared in advance for such an occasion is invaluable.

I am not recommending that you memorize a script. Turning around and speaking to the person behind you with a prepared script is not the answer. You could make a comment about the situation you both are in or the reason for your wait. Maybe the weather is unseasonable. Remarking on the temperature or the amount of rain or snow is something many people comment on when they are in line. Maybe you are attending the opening of a new stadium or concert hall. Both of these situations make for good conversation. The possibilities for your opening statement are endless. It just takes a little creativity to get started.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable taking that first step and I ask you in all sincerity, what do you stand to lose? Yes, it is possible that the other person does not want to talk but more people will respond to your statement or question than will not. And, if that individual does not want to engage in conversation, you have lost nothing.

Life is worth some risks now and then. Take advantage of your next wait in line by addressing the individual standing in front of you or behind. You could be luckier than you think. And, if you do it often enough, you are guaranteed to find success with your elevator speech.

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