Chelation therapy is designed for the purpose of flushing out heavy metals from the body. It's simply a treatment that administers chelating agents. EDTA chelation treatment involves the use of ETDA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid.) This is an amino acid that is manufactured, and is used in cases when individuals have been poisoned with heavy metals. The chelating effect binds mercury and lead together, allowing it to be flushed out from the body.

EDTA can also bind calcium, which is what contributes to the accumulation of plaque in people with atherosclerosis. There are basically two types of chelation therapies available; intravenous and oral chelation therapy.

Intravenous therapy involves a needle being inserted in a vein and the EDTA is then administered into the persons bloodstream. The oral treatment is basically the same, but it may not be as successful in eliminating all the heavy metals or accumulated plaque. The oral treatment is normally in tablet form; however it can also be in a suppository, powder and oral spray.

An individual undergoing this therapy, (oral chelation) usually needs to consume a lot of water at the same time. Before any of the treatments are started, a number of tests will required to determine what the exact toxicity problem is and if EDTA would be suitable. The tests range from a chest x-ray, an electrocardiogram, urine tests, blood tests and a doppler examination (a method for detecting the direction and velocity of moving blood within the heart).

This therapy has proved to be beneficial particularly with atherosclerosis, since it helps in eliminating calcium that has accumulated in the arteries. It also provides additional benefits to people suffering from atherosclerosis; it reduces the activity of free radicals in the blood, stops calcium absorption, minimizes blood clots and normalizes HDL and cholesterol levels.

Recently, the benefits of chelation therapy have been suggested for autism. Some believe that the treatment could be used for improving the condition of autism, since it's helpful in removing mercury from the patient’s brain. There are others that suggest chelation therapy is useful in the treatment of depression, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue and skin conditions.

For over 30 years, people with fatty buildups of plaque in their arteries (atherosclerosis) have heard about a "miracle cure" called chelation (pronounced "ke-LA'shun") therapy. But the American Heart Association and other medical and scientific groups have voiced their concerns against this treatment.

Supporters of chelation therapy rely on the testimonies of people who’ve had it and reported positive results. Many people claim their lives were saved and their health improved because of chelation therapy.

The American Heart Association contends that EDTA isn’t totally safe as a drug. "There’s a real danger of kidney failure." (renal tubular necrosis). "EDTA can also cause bone marrow depression, shock, low blood pressure (hypotension), convulsions, disturbances of regular heart rhythm (cardiac arrhythmias), allergic-type reactions and respiratory arrest."

There are however, some very good and safe natural ingredients that will accomplish effective chelation. (Amino Acids, Thioctic Acid, L-Methionine, Sodium Alginate, Bromelain, Lipase, Chlorella and Catalase.)

Several different vitamin companies carry the chelating vitamins and herbs to help you remove toxic metals from your body and regain your health again. See the list here.

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