Is your stomach fat becoming a problem? Let me tell you- it was with me! And I`m pretty skinny! In fact I`m a regular beanpole.My family used to say of me "when that lad turns sideways on,he disappears!" I laugh now,but it hurt at the time. You might think if I`m skinny why did I have a problem with stomach fat?

Good question. It does seem odd,doesn't it?The truth is; even with tall underweight looking people,there can still be a very unsightly-yes,embarassing accumulation of fat girdling the midriff,and giving one a very ungainly and unbalaced appearance.

Folk who are shorter and stockier can "carry it off" more easily,even if the stomach hangs over the belt quite a way!

So,given that fat always seems to gravitate to the midriff,no matter your body-type,what do we do about it?Well,what worked for me,(and everyone else I

know who put into practice the method I `m about to describe)? The RFD also known as the raw food diet .

This natural and easy diet will not only give your stomach the streamlined profile you've dreamed of,but will do it rapidly and without you starving yourself.Guaranteed.

This is what I did: To start with I cut out all,and I mean ALL ,junk food. No alcohol either!

Next, I determined for 7 days,to eat nothing but raw food-salads,leafy greens like lettuce, spinach cucumber. Add tomatoes,zuchinnis (courgettes) and a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

It's delicious, and will pump your system full of essential nutrients in a way that cooked foods can never do.Make this your main meal of the day. For breakfast have an apple or banana.

Lunch? 2 slices of wholemeal or crispbread with just a little butter,and a spread such as vegemite,or peanut butter-just a little.To drink;freshly squeezed orange, or any other citrus fruit (lemon and lime is great) as a body cleanser,as much as you want to drink. You would be amazed at how much toxic waste the average human body carries around,and citrus fruit is natures great cleanser.

Now,you will likely lose around a pound per day in weight. Think of that-7 pounds weight loss. And guess where it's mostly coming from? Yes, you got it...from your tummy!

So,now that you can say "hello,long time no see" to your feet again,make sure to keep it that way, by sticking to a regime of at least 50 per cent raw food and juices,and,tone up your body with 30 minutes of brisk walking each and

every day .

It works like a charm, and because you're getting superior nutrition from the raw fruits and vegetables,you will never feel hungry,and you will look and feel great. I doubt that you'll want to return to your old dietary ways in the future when

you've tasted the benefits of natures best. To help you,I have written an e-book packed full of vital information that will really benefit you.

The good news is- it's yours FREE for the asking. No strings. Good health

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Ken Eden is a semi-retired minister,who has been an advertising executive journalist -recording artist, and currently, publisher of offline/online media. He lives in the UK and is a long-term student of healthy relational living music, the Bible-and everything else life enhancing!