Get Real and Fearless
By Ton Pascal

Because we are bombarded daily with conflicting news about the World’s social-political position our personal needs and situations become more and more confused and difficult to assert and downright painful to bear.

After my article, "Fearless in Difficult Times” was published, I received a load of very interesting emails. Besides the thank you notes and congratulations, I noticed that more often people asked for direct personal guidance as if they were still unsure that meditation and relaxation were not enough to get through this difficult period in our society.

Millions of jobs have been lost not just in the U.S A. but world over. Thousands of corporations closed their doors. General business is doing poorly. This has been going on for almost two years.
But the good news we hear now, and thank God for it, is the slump is almost over!!!!!

Then we get this interesting example of economic news from this pool by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, BLS:
“Non-farm payroll employment continued to decline in July (-247,000), and the unemployment rate was little changed at 9.4 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The average monthly job loss for May through July (-331,000) was about half the average decline for November through April (-645,000). In July, job losses continued in many of the major industry sectors.”

Is it declining (the rate) or is unemployment rising?
You would need a master's degree in social-political-financial-economics to make sense of it all and I don’t have one.
But the government takes a very close look at the unemployment rate to evaluate the economy's growth, or in this case decline.
From my side I don’t find it encouraging, the fact that the numbers of unemployed people more than doubled from 4.6% in December 2007 when the recession started, to 9.4% in July 2009, and expected to rise to 11% in 2010. No degree needed here.

Where do I stand in the middle of all this, you ask, not wanting to look back at your losses trying to keep a positive outlook.
How do I stand now in the way of achieving my goals and dreams? Is your next question.

Life is a lesson, I tell you.
Of course you don’t see me, since I am coming to your help in this article as a friendly ghost.

You blink, go blank, think to yourself, ‘like when my father said “a spanking is good for you?" no thanks.’

Take this roadblock as a test, I insist.
This is what I often refer to as ‘taking up challenges’ and transforming them into positive opportunities. My point being that I believe we are spiritual beings going thru this learning process as human beings living a physical temporary life, I tell you.
Where is that passion you used to have for … baseball, painting, writing, sailing, traveling?
You are too old? How about teaching? Volunteering? Take your pick.
You have the answer, don’t ask me.
Isn’t that great?
Yes it is, I tell you. Outside situations or people are more complex, which you must accept and work as they are. But ‘you’ you know, and you are readily available. And because this ‘you’ you can work on.

Did I miss a catch somewhere along these lines, you think to yourself, looking sideways making sure nobody is watching your reactions or actually seeing that you reading a self-help article.

Even if you don’t accept entirely my principle, I continue, I hope you do take this sound advice:
· -A) Stop making excuses, telling yourself lies and take a hard look at the role you have in your present situation..
This is the first step to conquer your fears and regain control of your life.
· -B) You must be realistically honest and see things as they really are.
· -C) Accept responsibility for your role in life, no matter what situation you are in.
Skip these three steps and you’ll be back to the same roadblock and questions as before.

You are the one and only who can achieve your goals and live the much deserved life of your dreams.
And you are also the one and only who stands in its way.
Go on, you are on your own now. No one can help you here with this task.
Start digging.
There are all these old beliefs you have to give up and changes you must make to achieve your goals and live the life you dreamed about.
Once you dig up the truth about the role you had in all of the big decisions in your life’s journey you very likely will need a chair in case you are not sitting or lying down.

A pattern will emerge and, surprise, surprise, it is YOU who has been keeping yourself down all this time and it might scare the.…. the daylights out of you.
And it is very scary, I assure you. No one likes to look into their inner dark closet and expose their own skeletons and shortcomings.

How do you go about it? And with what are you going to replace all these changes and beliefs?
This is a major housecleaning. Do you think there is a specialized maid service that can help you here?
Your mind might wonder about the thousands of self-help books, TV psychic darlings and personalities. Which one do you go for?

Again as a friendly ghost, I tell you: None of the above!
It is all about you.
You have the power. You control and direct the necessary energy needed.
The short and the long of it: you create your own reality!

Do this simple exercise. Write down the questions about yourself you’re most afraid to hear the answers to.
Once you have honest and trustingly faced yourself, you will feel that a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
Don’t fear the vulnerability you just uncovered. Denial is no place to hide.
You are now a real spiritual human being and anything is possible.

Here are a few affirmations I suggest you use daily on your fearless road to success:
· I am a good man/woman.
· I deserve love, happiness, health and wealth.
· I am grateful for my life.
· I accept only what is good and positive.
· I am grateful for myself and my situation.
· I am now ready to receive all the love and wealth from the vast supply of the universe.

Every night before you go to sleep, visualize your next day and surround yourself with people you love and people who love you.
Create positive situations, deals, and encounters with people who will positively influence your work.
Positive affirmations and visualization open your mind to receive positive energy.

Have a great journey!
Ton Pascal

Author's Bio: 

Ton Pascal is a self thought , spiritual self help advocate and author.
“Being responsible for your thoughts and actions is what I call spirituality.”
It is how you connect with the people around you that are important. You can only love someone if you know how to love yourself first. This is the foundation and the building block that anchors your spiritual and material wealth.
Ton Pascal believes that the times we are facing in our world require a more spiritual approach to our everyday lives.
How do you Dream Your Life Positively? This is what Ton Pascal’s book is all about.