I love the acronym of SYSTEM, Save Your Self Time Energy and Money. While it is about finding the most efficient way to do things, it is also about knowing specifically how things are done. In other words, you need documentation of the step-by-step process or procedure of how your systems are done.

The best way for documenting this is by having a procedure manual for each job position within your company. If you are not responsible for others in your company, then focus on creating a procedure manual for your individual job position.

It is important to note that a procedure manual is much different from a job description. A job description outlines the responsibilities. The procedure manual details step-by-step how to complete those responsibilities.

How does having a procedure manual benefit you? First of all, you will get an all-inclusive picture of the systems you use. From this snapshot, you can evaluate your current systems and make changes for increased productivity as appropriate.

Secondly, on days your brain may be a big foggy, you don't have to think! You can flip open your procedure manual and it tells you step-by-step what to do! It is a huge timesaver especially for those projects or tasks you do only occasionally or rarely. With the procedure manual you are not recreating the wheel every time you repeat a project or task.

Thirdly, someone can do your job in your absence. Several years ago, when I was planning to take maternity leave with my first child, I created a procedure manual for my position. By having a procedure manual, I was comfortable knowing my substitute would be managing my position in the correct manner. Less messes for me to clean up when I returned from leave! Additionally, if I was ill and out of work, my assistant could flip through the procedure manual and punt in my absence.

Fourthly, when I resigned my employment with my employer, it made the training and transition for the new employee so much easier. Life is all about relationships and I wanted to leave my employer on a positive note.

Lastly, heaven forbid if there was some kind of accident and you or one of your employees where not able to continue in their position, the business could go on. It would be easy for someone to step in and keep things afloat.

September is National Preparedness Month. It is the perfect time to begin documenting procedures.

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