Do you need extra money for a new car but you don’t have the money? Or maybe a dream vacation but your budget doesn’t stretch that far. Too many people in this situation just say forget it, maybe next year. If you don’t want to get a part time job to pay for these little luxuries in life, maybe you have an alternative.

Instead of looking for another job to bring in additional income, many people can get extra money by cutting expenses. Most people spend much more money than they think. They forget about those little meaningless expenses like a cup of coffee in the morning or that soda and candy bar in the afternoon. These seemingly little expenses add up when you do it every day.

Take that coffee and bagel in the morning on the way to work. It’s a small meaningless amount, just $2.50 a day. But tat $2.50 a day adds up to $600 a year. Do you buy your lunch at work? And how about the kids, do they bring a bag lunch to school or do they buy their lunch? By packing lunches instead of buying them, you can save about $2000 per year. Now we are starting to talk about real money!

The grocery store is another place that you can save money. Drink tap water instead of soda or bottled water. This can save you almost $300 a year. Do you use coupons, by going to stores that give you double value for your coupons, you can save an additional $250 a year.

Another area where you can save big money has to do with your credit cards. How’s that? Leave them at home, don’t carry them with you! By leaving your credit cards at home you will reduce (or eliminate) those larger impulse purchases. This can save you $750 per year.

Using just the few techniques described above can save you almost $4,000 a year. Now how much money did you say you needed? Maybe you can slash a few more expenses and get both the vacation and the car!

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