When you feel out of balance and want to shift this, you have to get your thoughts, emotions, and attitude shifted to a better energy level before you do anything else. An attitude improved even a small amount opens your mind to possibilities.

This is especially important if you’ve been feeling any sense of strain or stress in your life and/or business. You want a tool that works for you any time you feel your energy needs to be calmed, smoothed, soothed, or charged up.

The foundation of Self Energy Management is to know you can manage it.

First, recognize your energy is knotted about something and take a moment to appreciate that you have the awareness to notice this. You can only shift something if you know something would benefit from being shifted.

This may seem obvious, but when you’re in the thick of an emotion, it can take a while to recall that you know this. Once you’re aware that you’re sad, angry, or anxious, you actually make the first shift because now you’re no longer only in it, you’re consciously paying attention to it. It’s like the difference between being engaged fully in an acting role and remembering you’re acting a role.

Ask yourself if it’s all right if what bothers you isn’t solved or resolved completely today. If you’re addressing an emotion that results from a life-long issue or something you consider large, you may solve it right now and it may take a bit more time. And, you want to allow that.

You want to lighten up your energy, the emotion(s) you’re feeling about an issue, even just a little. If more of a shift happens, that’s terrific; but your goal is to feel even just a bit better than you do so you can gently shift the energy to get to whatever a good next action step is for you. You create a safe space for yourself where no self-judgment is allowed.

You suffer over most matters because of a belief. Often, the belief is, “This shouldn’t be happening.” Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. Here are some right questions to help you shift upward, even if just a little. A little upward shift goes a long way.
• What core belief do you have about your issue or situation? Does this belief serve you? How does this belief show up in your life? How do you feel about this?
• Scale how you feel at this moment with 1 being the least intense and 10 being the most. Allow that number to be okay because it’s honestly where you are and you intend to shift this, even if just a little.
• Ask yourself if you feel okay about making even a small shift now.
• Think of a similar time when you had a similar feeling (it doesn’t have to be a similar matter or situation, just that you felt similarly then to how you do now) and it worked out. How did you manage yourself or work that one out? Maybe you used an inner process, an outer process, or both.
• What worked then and how can you use what you did then now?
• Ask yourself, “Will it be all right if I don’t solve or resolve this completely today?” This is a gentler way to manage yourself through this process than insisting that you fix it now! You may not have all the information or resources you need at this moment. It may be the only thing you can shift right now is your energy and emotions.
• Take a moment to ask the above questions. Where does your energy register on the scale now?

What you want is a next action. You’ll know that a next action is the right one if you feel aligned with or enthusiastic about it. You won’t feel any resistance to it. When you use any of these energy-shift methods, it’s important to listen and trust. If you get, “Go for a walk” or “Take a nap,” you might think you should argue with this kind of information. But, what if it’s exactly what the next step is?

We tend to think we’re supposed to come up with the big or grand thing to do; but maybe that big or grand thing involves lots of steps. What happens? You feel overwhelmed. You create more knots. You want the next step, the next action—even if it’s small. That’s all. Then you want the next one and the next one after that. The step may be a small one, but it will get you to the next one. All you need now is the next step. Take all the steps and your desired outcome is a given.

Knotted energy is not something to be judgmental about. It happens to you and it happens to everyone at various times. You’re human and it’s okay to feel like a human. You don’t have to be perfect; you just need methods that you choose to use for your benefit, and then use them.

No matter what’s happening, you want to empower yourself with the ability to manage your energy. It’s always the first step to the next one.

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