Do You Suffer From Intention Deficit Disorder?

Do you have moments where you aren’t quite sure where you’re going or what you’re up to? Well, if you answered ‘yes’; don’t worry. We all have these moments at times. Where we feel like we either have too much on our plate to really focus or we’re not sure what direction we want to head.

There are moments in our day were we might find ourselves thinking, “I am too depressed to focus or motivate myself right now.” Or we’re too distracted, too upset, too emotional, have too much on our plate, etc etc.” There will ALWAYS be a reason why right now is not the right time to get clear with ourselves.

Napolean Hill insisted that when you have these negative thoughts, it’s actually the perfect time to learn one of life’s most unusual rules: “There is one unbeatable rule for the mastery of sorrows and disappointments, and that is the transmutation of those emotional frustrations through definitely planned work. It is a rule which has no equal.”

So here’s a definite action plan:

(1) Get clear with yourself. Figure out who you want to be. This is no easy step, but it’s necessary if you are truly committed to living a life of purpose; a life that you designed with deliberate intention. So spend as much time on this step as necessary, because getting clear with your sense of self lays the foundation for your entire life.

Once you get the picture of who you want to be:

(2) Set a definite plan. Definitely planned work inspires energy of purpose. Without a set direction and a clear plan we are lost in a sea of swirling energy. Drifting along in our life w/ no real intention; thus perpetuating any self-defeatist thoughts and emotions. It’s challenging to get yourself unstuck and motivated when you’re not sure where you’re headed.

We have all the tools we need to set our intention and find our way. We simply need to redirect our energy inward, take time to focus, and set a clear plan. Once you shift your energy and your actions you will discover that you really can have the life that you imagined.

What’s your intention for today?
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