One of the key pieces of advice wedding planners offer their clients is to set a budget for their venue, decide on a date and get that venue booked as early as you can. You should book wedding venues Toms River and elsewhere a lot further in advance than you might think. The less known or popular or unusual option you might be okay to book 6 months to 12 months before. For the really popular venues, you need to double that at least, some its more than 2 years even. You cannot propose in January and want to marry that summer if you want a certain kind of venue. So get yourself pencilled in. It is the only way to avoid disappointment. Some places even call when a couple drops out if you are willing to make a sudden change down the line to get the venue you preferred. So what else is there to think about with your venue? Here are a few more things.

Think about how much room you need

This means you are going to need to have a fairly accurate idea of how many guests you are inviting, as that dictates the size of the venue you need. Do not book yourself into a venue you love but only take 50 guests when you are inviting 200! Likewise do not pay for a large venue for 300 people when you are having an intimate gathering. The atmosphere of the reception is really impacted by the size, not enough space is bad, but too much as bad too.

If you are having entertainment like a band, DJ or such you need space for their gear, space for dancing, space for tables and chairs if you want people to sit and eat, and space to move around. While it is hard to do so far in advance, visit the spots you prefer and try to visualize what it will look like in there. How are weddings in Ocean County NJ organized in the venue? Where do they place tables and seating?

Plan your budget before you start looking

As mentioned you need to know what you can afford. It is so tempting to visit all those luxury places, but if they are completely out of your budget range, skip them. Do not get stuck on loving something that will leave you in debt. However, there are some things you can do to get the cost of some places to be lowered. Have your wedding off-season. Have it during the week, not the weekend. Go for a lower costing catering package. If there is a venue that is too expensive, but it is not impossible, talk to them about when the prices might drop and what they drop to.

Some venues offer just the space on nothing else. Some have packages on drink, on food, from snacks, meal, evening buffet, cupcake table and more. Some do not let you use your own catering option. These are all things you will have to check and ask about at the wedding venues Toms River you visit.

Work with the wedding coordinator at the venue

Weddings in Ocean County NJ or any venue sometimes comes with a coordinator. That can be a big help in making sure all the details are remembered. Keep in contact with them along the way. Make sure you visit a month or so before the day to check everything. Whatever venue you choose, get it booked as soon as you can!


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