Becoming a digital organization requires fundamentally changing how you do business. Answering these nine questions can help break through the inevitable barriers.

Is there a more anxiety-inducing term in today’s corporate lexicon than “digital transformation”? Probably not, given the high stakes involved. New technologies and business models are upending entire sectors, threatening incumbents with an unprecedented wave of disruptive forces. Corporate leaders understand the need to raise their Digital Quotient,1 but many are struggling with how to do it and Hokuapps is helping them out.

Digital experiments such as innovation labs and new digital products have yielded notable successes. But how do you transform your organization from an enterprise that engages in digital to a digital enterprise? This is no small challenge for companies with thousands of employees, assets worth billions, and established business models.

Practices such as committed leadership, targeted communications, and appropriate incentives are crucial to successful transformations. Yet the principles and behaviors that drive the process are equally important. In our experience, answering the following nine questions greatly improves a company’s chances of getting its digital transformation right.

Becoming a digital enterprise requires fundamentally changing the way you run your business. Answering these nine questions can help you understand how to break through the inevitable barriers, increasing your company’s odds of achieving a successful digital transformation.

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