A company’s logo needs to have a lot of thought put into it. It needs to represent you, what you offer, your values, ideas and goals for the future. The purpose of both 2D and 3D logo designs is to remain in people’s minds and be a positive impression that remains with them. Clients, customers, vendors, and investors should all be able to relate to the logo and ideally, it should be done in a way so that it ages well becoming something timeless and iconic. Getting this right can play a huge role in your branding and your image. It is not about showing off as a designer it is about who the logo is for and making sure it is perfect for them. People judge businesses by their logos and what the logo is made up of, meaning the design elements. Here are some tips on making sure you have one that is memorable.

Try to have a logo that stands out

You are not the only one in your area of business, competition is something every business faces. One of the ways you can stand out from the others to potential customers or clients is by having a memorable and unique logo. To achieve that you can use a 3d logo designer. It should not be something too similar because people might confuse you with your competitors, the very thing you do not want them to do. Try to avoid jumping onto logo trends and create something of value that is also timeless. Copying other ideas is not going to make the kind of impact you could be making.

Have a logo that is adaptable

You want something that is adaptable even when choosing 3d logo designs because you will likely have it on different types of publicity materials and you want it to work whenever it goes. It needs to be adaptable so it works on the glossy magazine you print as well as on the business cards you hand out. It should look good even when it is more compact. The text needs to be readable reaching the middle ground of not being too tiny and also not being overly large.

Simple is always better

We have mentioned it but keeping things simple is really the way to go. If you think of the most popular companies in your industry and in others, they have a simple and memorable logo. They use a font that is easy to read and often uses three colors or less so that it is not too chaotic and busy.


When you are trying to get people to remember you and your brand and what you stand for one of the most important tools and powerful messages is in the logo design you choose. With the right 3d logo designer you can get your values and vision across in a simple and lasting design that people respond well to. Leave a lasting image of your logo in people’s minds for years to come!

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis.