The garden shed is now something that everybody with a garden seems to have as a fitted extra, there are so many different types and sizes that the actual selection becomes a major problem. The bulk of the sheds are of a wooden design and are often abused and left neglected and require extra attention before they are consigned to waste bin.

A little care and attention at the start of the selection process can save a multitude of problems later on, firstly select a good supplier and examine the range of products that they are able to supply, if in doubt give them a call and get their advice, they have so much experience that it is often worth a call. The manufacturers provide a full range of different styles so take time to decide what design firstly interests you most and would look good in your own garden. Take time to decide what size of building you would like and what would fit your garden, the shed may look good in a picture or in a garden centre display but it may look totally out of kilter when it is installed into your own garden. Surprisingly this is the easier bit but it needs doing right, but then look at the options that the manufacturer supplies and decide if they are of use or are just cosmetic. The manufacturer invariably supplies the basic design to offer the best price for the customer but the options do enhance the original design and can offer a lot to the overall package.

The first thing is to protect the long term life of the shed and all wood should be pressure treated to provide adequate protection against rotting and disease. This is sometimes provided in the overall design but in some cases it is an option and one which should always be taken to provide an adequate life. Many sheds have a light wood structure which is fine for light applications but in a windy place or for extra strength most manufacturers supply a larger section wood frame to provide the extra strength. If it is not necessary the original structure should be fine. Consider the floor of the shed, it is one of the most vulnerable areas of the building and usually the basic floor is of a composite board design which in good hard standing areas is fine but the manufacturers invariably offer a tongued and grooved wood plank alternative and this is well worth the money. Whatever you decide, write out what you want and double check the results, do not buy in haste and regret at leisure.

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Ace Sheds design and manufacture a range of outdoor buildings, from simple garden sheds, through to full size well ventilated wooden summer houses.