There are a lot of articles circulating on the web regarding “how to get your ex husband back”.This is actually true as wives from separation today are trying the best way possible to pull their husband back towards them. Okay, let's face it, marital separation, even if it's a mutual decision is a hard and painful process. Most wives still have strong emotional intimacy and love to their husband even if separation makes them cry to sleep. Wives still wish that the relationship was still intact and intimate just like before. These are women who cannot accept the fact of separation and prevent themselves from moving on and still cling to the memories of the relationship and to their husbands.

When people get married and be legally considered as husband and wife, they adopt responsibilities to work out the marriage. Being the wife, you are considered the light of the family who will do most of the household chores and takes care of the house and the children. Also, the husband is the breadwinner; meaning, he is the provider for the family and gives love and care to the wife and children. Being as one in marriage, couples are bound to meet the needs of each other and to work together in building good and meaningful relationship. Most of the relationship ends because of considering the marriage as a routine rather than a commitment. The couples feel that they do not benefit anymore in the relationship. The husband and wife feels like they are not happy anymore because of lost in communication, intimacy, respect and trust, and so separation happens.

As you cope up, you can be caught with confusion, either to move on and forget, or win your husband again.Let's take into consideration the idea of winning your ex husband back, below are the following steps to get him the second time:

1.Give some time to ask yourself.

As said earlier, you cannot get your ex husband back unless you ask yourself first.

"Is it worth the tears to get back with him?'
"What really went wrong with the marriage"?
"Who is to be blamed?"
“How was he on the relationship?”
"Did he lie to me many times?"
“Is it really worth it to save the relationship?”

As you attempt to answer these questions from yourself, it is very necessary to be honest.When you have caught and doubted him many times of cheating, then the idea of getting him back will hurt you more over and over again. However, despite your husband's flaws before, you still desire to win him back and start all over again, consider the following points below.

2. Don't go on despair.

Looking so desperate in winning him back will not help you at all.Do not even show off to your husband that you are begging for him to come back. Be less available for a moment. As long as you can, focus your attention to your friends and families and to some other activities daily.

3. Give him understanding what he really deserves.

When your ex husband desires for an understanding from you, give it because at some point, your ex husband needs time to think before getting back to you (as possible). Be careful also with your words, do not simple say I LOVE YOU when you know it only means a lot to you and not to him. When you understand your ex husband, you also respect his need for space and time to think things over.

4. Keep that friendship with your ex.

In order to get your husband back, it is good to see each other once in a while for him to see the changes in you. Going out as friends is a good start to build the relationship again.It is fun to be doing the things the both interests you; this time, as friends. When you started going out too often as friends, you have to learn to be basically comfortable with him. When you are together, do not open the topic this time. Just enjoy first being friends and allow more time for the friendship to grow.

5. Leave the past behind.

It's the time to face the reality.Throwing all the hurts of separation is a must.You are bound this time to be mature enough in dealing with the conflict as you want your ex husband to be with you again. Since you believe that you are mature enough because of what happened, this time, you need to some changes in your life, a change for the better not only for yourself but also for the friendship with your ex husband.

6. Establish Trust Again

All this time despite the separation, you trusted him.TRUST is essential when you really need to win your ex husband back, and trust must be between you and your ex husband.When you trust him by sending little notes and emails saying that you always trust and love him, then the guy feels he is worthy to be trusted and eventually reach out to you.

7. Make things clearer.

This is the most crucial stage above all.This time, you need to invite him for a dinner on a place where you can seriously talk, and since you desire to get him back, be the first to open the topic about your conflicts which are unresolved for months already.Your affection really matters this time.Wear your beautiful dress and you should look wonderful for that time. Behave maturely and open your mind to possibilities of either losing him or winning him back.

To get your ex husband back is good as establishing a new relationship with him.You cannot just simple rush things like getting him overnight and you're official again.Allow yourself to change and think deeply how much have you loved him from the start.You have to remember, no matte how painful it seems, and no matter how hard to get him back, destiny will tell that if you really are meant for each other, time will come that you will be back again for good.

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