Do you want your shelves to be the envy of everyone who comes through your door? Create a home filing system for your books. Combine this with a few aesthetic changes and you will be on your way to a beautiful bookcase. The simple steps below can guide you there. It will only take an afternoon of your time!

 Clear a large area on the floor in front of the shelving you want to get organized. Empty off the bookshelf you are working on. Try to keep your books piled in a smaller area since you will need your open floor space for the next the next step.

 Categorize your books. There are a number of methods for handling this. Some people choose to create a filing system for their home ordering their books by author, title, and subject. If an alphabetized system is what you are looking for choose this road. If you are looking for more general divisions try fiction and nonfiction, books you have read and books waiting to be read. If you are organizing more for aesthetic appeal you may want to order your books by color or height.

 When you decide on categories write them down on slips of paper and lay your papers down on your empty floor space. Having your categories written down will prevent you for getting confused and mixing up your stacks of books while you work!

 Donate or sell what you no longer want to keep. As you sort through your books and categorize look at what you have. If some of your books are just collecting dusts, and not a beloved favorite or heirloom it may be time to part with them. You may not plan on rereading them, or perhaps your children have simply outgrown them. Many books can be resold either in stores or online. If you don’t want to spend the time shopping them, or they no longer have a strong retail value, donate them. Most thrift stores will accept books.

 Now move everything back on to the shelves. If your shelves vary in height survey your categories. Some books, like children’s books, tend to be taller by nature. Return your bigger books to the shelves first as they will likely have fewer places they can fit well. You have two options for tall books if you do not have taller shelves. On a stand alone unit may be able to use the top of the shelving unit. Or place the books horizontal on your shelf, spine facing out so they can easily be read.

 Organizing your shelving more for the aesthetic appeal? Follow these quick tips for making your shelving pop! Paint the inside of your bookcase a couple shades darker in the same color you have painted your room. The color will make whatever you have on your shelves stand out. Remember a few visually interesting items can make a big statement, no need to fill up your shelves with decorative items. You can also try grouping collectables of the same color together for a statement. A group of glass or white porcelain vases of different shapes and sizes can be very interesting against a pop of color.

Taking time to sort through your favorite books can feel more like an afternoon off than organizing work. Having a home office filing system in places on your bookcase will make it easier to know what you have and enjoy it.

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