The “Career Coaching” process virtually guarantees that you will get your ideally matched dream work positions every time, because it was designed to do so, when used correctly. The reason you engage a career coach is to actually get your ideal income positions that allow you to play every day and call it work. The reason your career coach coaches you is to make darn sure you do. Your career coach’s job is to coach himself or herself out of a job. The career coaching process is not finished until you, the coaching client, actually enter your personally designed ideal income dream positions, and you know it.

This sounds “Too Good to Be True” because so few people have ever really found and obtained their ideally matched work positions. And why did this happen. Because they used the work selection processes that directed them into mismatched work positions. They either used the “Trial and Error” process or the “Please Others” process, both of which generated poorly fitting careers. 

Everyone Has At Least One Work Position That Ideally Matches Them.

The secret is to connect people with the work positions that match them so well that they will enjoy and prosper in performing them. These are the positions that allow them to fulfill their passions and priorities, maximize their talents, follow their beliefs and avoid as many of their self imposed obstacles as they can. Note that we are focusing on ADJUSTING the positions to MATCH the people, and NOT on the ADJUSTING the people to FIT the work positions, which is the common program today. Too few people actually connect with their best-matched careers, because they do not know how. There is a new process that makes sure people will actually get their best matched careers.

Why Career Coaching Works So Well

To Create Ideally Matched Work Positions. When done right

 “Career Coaching” appeared on the scene around 1991. It was designed and developed by Thomas Leonard. Yet it is so different than any other human improvement processes that it is difficult to understand and even accept. It is also not easy to describe, but we will try to explain how it works here anyway. But, once career coaching is experienced to completion its true practical powers become clear. That is why so many career-coaching clients have become almost fanatical about describing how being coached is such a fun and very rewarding experience.

The most important ingredient to real “Career Coaching” is the extremely unusual relationship you have with your coach. Your coach will be your equal partner, NOT your superior in any way. You will become the absolute center of attention. You will be the king or queen in your coaching relationship. Your coach will focus totally on you achieving your goals, on your terms, at your pace, to meet your agenda only. I know of no other relationship the even comes close to coaching where YOU are the total center of attention.

What happens during the career coaching process?

For simplicity here are the three basic phases of career coaching.

1. Self Discovery. Self-discovery is the first and most important ingredient and continues throughout the entire career coaching process. The most overlooked fact is that few people would actually recognize their dream career positions in the first place. The reason this is true is because the biggest mystery in the world is OURSELVES. By being confused about what we really want to do, what we really dislike doing, what our real values and boundaries are, and what our real talents and priorities are makes it almost impossible to clearly determine our real dream positions. You will unravel the mystery of yourself through your career coach.

Your career coach will focus totally on you to ask you questions to get you to open up and reveal things about yourself you have never revealed to anyone else in the world, including yourself. Your coach will then reflect these new revelations about you back to you, objectively, privately, clearly and with NO guilt or judgment. You will discover the 5 core ingredients about yourself so fast, so cleanly, and so completely, that you will end up becoming “The World’s Leading Expert On You.” Now you have the clarity and power to take control of your career (and your entire life) on your own terms. Reaching this position alone is worth it, but your career coach will also assist you as your secret partner to take full advantage of your new powers.

2. Custom build your ideally matched dream positions. You and your career coach will design your ideal income positions in great detail to perfectly match you to allow you to fulfill your passions and priorities, follow your beliefs and values, maximize your talents and avoid as many of your self imposed obstacles (Things you dislike) as you can. That’s right! You create your ideal dream positions so they are guaranteed to perfectly match you from the beginning, and you are very clear on how and why they match. You CREATE AND ADJUST the conditions of your work position to MATCH YOU, as opposed to you adjusting to your work position. What a powerful difference.

3. Actually obtain your ideally match work positions. This phase is normally the easiest and fastest step, and frequently happens so naturally that it is completed before you know it. Your career coach will hold you accountable to YOU so that you execute the steps you feel are best for you to actually get, and be working IN your ideal income positions on your terms, and you know it. MISSION accomplished!

Read an in-depth description of how career coaching works so well.

Learn why career coaching assists people to get their ideal income positions in my e-book entitled “Go To Play Every Day and call it work.” Discover how thousands of clients made successful career changes by using a career coach through The Coach Connection. Find out how the career coaching process compares to the commonly used “Trial and Error” and "Please Others” processes. Learn the practical reasons career coaching has worked so well, and read the true life case studies of how 18 people, including myself, found and lived in their own ideally matched income positions.

“A journey without a destination becomes an aimless wandering.”

Career Coaching helps people to discover their own purposeful destinations in life to maximize their God Given talents, passions, and integrity to fulfill their purpose in life. Most clients will discover their real purposes in life and pursue them to success. They take control of their lives on their own terms. And because they are doing what they love, and prospering because they do, their energy and happiness levels accelerate in all parts of their lives.

Author's Bio: 

Bill enjoys sharing how and why virtually anyone can discover and actually get their own unique dream career and keep it, because he made several very successful career changes himself, he has also failed many more times, he has studied the many aspects of career change, and he has helped countless others make very successful career changes as well. Bill’s passion is to help anyone he can to change into their own ideal careers so they too can go to play every day, like he has been doing since 2001.

Bill was fortunate enough to have used the same new career coaching process he provides through The Coach Connection to make two dramatic and very successful career changes, once at age 24 and the other at age 56. After graduating with a Masters in Engineering at age 24, Bill’s career coach helped him discover and actually get his best-suited career that was completely different than engineering path he was headed down. Bill went to play the next 15 years because he was having so much fun and prospering so well as a world-class international petroleum trader. He was in his dream career and knew it and pinched himself quite often to be sure he was not dreaming. But, all great things must come to an end and his entire petroleum-trading world was changed almost overnight because computers replaced the unique expertise, strong integrity, special relationships and the trading gifts of Bill and his colleagues, which has unfortunately led to higher oil prices ever since.