The last thing you expect, or want, when you look in the mirror is to see age creeping up on your face and leaving a path of destruction in its path. Unfortunately as you age your collagen production slows way down, your cell turnover decreases, and your facial muscles lose their strength causing your skin to sag. There are tow unique systems that can make a profound difference in the appearance of your skin; LED light therapy and facial fitness programs.

LED light therapy devices, such as the DPL Therapy System, bring back a youthful appearance by boosting your collagen and elastin synthesis and energizing cellular activity. The DPL Therapy System combines red LED light therapy with infrared LED lights to rejuvenate the skin and relieve pain. By simply resting in front of two large panels your skin drinks in the reparative wavelengths which then begin a chain of positive benefits such as a reduction in wrinkles, smoother skin, a more even skin tone, diminished scarring and age spots, as well as a brighter complexion.

Studies have shown that red LED (light emitting diodes) wavelengths ranging from 630-660 nanometers and infrared LED wavelengths at 880 nanometers are readily absorbed into the skin and tissue due to the high content of blood and water. Once there they offer reparative, healing, renewing, regenerating, and energizing properties that significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

Facial exercise programs, including Facial Magic and The Facial Workout, tone and strengthen your facial muscles which help to firm the contours of your face. They use very specific exercises, resistance, and isometric techniques to re-train your facial muscles. Over time as your muscles tighten up they help to firm your skin. It’s a natural and safe alternative for promoting younger and healthier looking skin.

As you age your facial muscles begin to lose their strength and daily movements are not enough to keep them tight just as regular daily movements are not enough to keep your body in top shape. Incorporating an exercise routine into your schedule will help to lift sagging eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, and jowls.

You can help your skin regain some of its youthful qualities by incorporating these simple yet effective alternatives into your skin care regimen. They are natural and safe options for stimulating collagen production, energizing cellular activity, and firming your skin. Both offer anti-aging solutions without the risk of harmful toxins and chemicals. You can take steps to promote and maintain healthy skin with LED light therapy and facial fitness programs.

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