Human beings are designed to make mistakes, irrespective of age, qualifications and past achievements we are all prone to go wrong. However, it is so fascinating to learn how people respond after making mistakes.

A mistake loses it’s hold as soon as feelings of failure, resentment, anger or embarrassment are released. Some people get offended when they are told ‘you have made a mistake’ they get defensive or argumentative; some cover up mistakes in order to avoid responsibility; some act in denial of making the mistake; some blame others and give themselves a clean chit.

Each of the responses have their own ill effects like – the feeling of failing destroys your confidence; anger makes you bitter and hurt more people; embarrassment takes away the courage needed to face people; covering up mistakes take the pressure off for a while but takes away your sleep; blaming others may provide temporary relief, however, eventually the mistake will be traced back to you causing serious concerns. To top it all, these negative actions make you a powerless and ineffective human being.

The truth is that ‘mistakes’ provides a great platform for learning and therefore, I suggest that you examine the mistake by maintaining composure. Find out what went wrong and why? Take responsibility and admit your mistake; admit to others that you have gone wrong and apologize.

It is crucial that you understand that not accepting your mistakes, particularly those involving other people, could be bad for your reputation because it shows lack of character. People are more forgiving when one admits their mistake. So, be honest with yourself and evaluate the situation from all perspectives. If you feel you are at fault, then accept it and seek forgiveness.

Learn, also, to forgive yourself, there is no point in living life with guilt and remorse. Mistakes are not intentional, you never do things to hurt your loved ones and they understand that, which is why they forgive you. So, learn to let go and give yourself a chance to fix things in the future.

As long as you live in this world you will continue to make mistakes. It is however, important not to repeat the same mistakes; if you do then it is a sure indicator that you haven’t learnt anything.

In conclusion, remember these golden words by Hugh White and move on in life – ‘When you make a mistake, don’t look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your powers’.

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Rahul is an Indian Motivational Speaker who lives with a vision and purpose to help people across the world to ignite their inner powers and achieve results that matter. He employs his signature style – a combination of high energy levels, a willingness to reinvent and an enviable presence of mind to impart difficult lessons in the most palatable manner.