Heat set web printing is a term that describes a certain process in offset printing. This method differs from more popular forms of printing. For instance, bubble jet printers work by spraying ink onto a sheet of paper. The ink is naturally absorbed into the paper and evaporates, which leaves a dried pigment on the sheet. Cold set printing works in the same way. Heat set printing, on the other hand, works in a different approach. In this method, ink is applied to paper, which is usually glossy thus preventing the ink to absorb into it. Also, instead of water-based ink, the oil-based type is used so it should practically boil off the paper in order to dry. Many printers commonly use the cold press method which simply involves evaporation or absorption. Heat set web offset printing involves the use of hot air that is blown to the sheet of paper for quick drying.

Heat set web printing is one of the most in demand process in printing these days. With the continuous need for mass-distributed printed materials such as books and magazines, as wells as promotional tools like brochures and catalogs, there’s a necessity for faster and high quality printed output. If you are looking for heat set web printing presses in Dallas, Texas, you will not have any trouble finding one. Many Dallas heat set web printing companies specialize in this printing method to produce outputs of high volume.

Heat set web printing works this way: After being printed, the sheet of paper goes into the heat set oven. Then, oil-based solvents reach a condition called evaporation point, after which waxes, resins and pigment are left behind. The paper then passes through to chilling rollers. Once the waxes and resins cool down, they harden or set, hence the term heat set printing.

After going through the chilling units, a silicone applicator is added. Since the ink has not completely dried, applying a layer of silicone prevents the ink from smearing during the folding process. Some presses would add extra moisture to the paper since it loses so much in the oven.

Inks used for Heat set printing consist of varnishes or solvents that compose the oil-based portion while pigments are used for color. Additionally, resins and waxes are included. Various additives are also added depending on the demands of the process or printing requirements.

Once you decide to look for Dallas heat set web printing companies, there are some questions that you surely want to be answered. Depending on your printing requirements, heat set presses can offer you several advantages. For example, these presses allow printing on both coated and uncoated papers, unlike coldset presses, which are limited to uncoated paper stock.

Choosing the best Dallas heat set web printing company is an important consideration in order to get high quality printing materials. So you better decide on a printing company that specializes in the specific printing material that you need. This gives you the benefit of having an expert work on your project.

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