ICC / International Arbitration is a technique that is used to resolve disputes in a speedy manner outside the court.

ICC stands for the International Chamber of Commerce and it is involved in the resolution of disputes arising from international commercial contracts usually entered into by large commercial enterprises and corporations.


Arbitration is becoming a more and more popular means of resolving disputes mainly because it is neutrality and confidentiality.

Hearings take place in a closed room where only the disputants and a panel of arbitrators are present so all the proceedings of the conflict can be kept private without damaging the reputation of parties involved.

It would not be wrong to say that today International Arbitration Law is becoming a preferred solution to resolve international disputes, as it offers a win-win situation to disputants.

Arbitration Process

The arbitration process is typically a lot faster than traditional litigation procedures and also incurs less cost as compared to the heavy legal expenses from long court proceedings before many jurisdictions.

Arbitration has many characteristics that make it stand out as a fair means of judgment for commercial and investment cases.

Arbitrators are highly knowledgeable people with rich experience in their field; parties can themselves choose an arbitrator from their side after becoming fully satisfied with the skill and educational as well as work background of the arbitrators.

Arbitration is an ideal dispute resolution method that allows parties from diverse cultural and legal backgrounds to resolve their issues without going through all of the formalities of their respective legal systems.

Arbitration usually takes its foundation from a past contract between the involved parties. An explicit clause of the prior agreement lays down the rules and terms to be followed in a given arbitration situation.

It allows for flexible scheduling which is not the case with courts of justice as they often follow stringent and rigid rules of practice.

Flexible procedure

Parties gain better control over the proceedings of a dispute with arbitration's flexible procedure. It allows an efficient means of resolving an international disagreement while assuring unbiased and fair outcomes.

Before hiring an international arbitration law firm all credentials of the company should be well-established in time to avoid any hassles later.

You should be fully satisfied that the arbitrator you pick understands your concerns and is competent enough to deal with the issues involved. It is preferred to choose a firm that has significant prior experience of handling similar conflicts resulting in positive and neutral solutions.

Do a comparative study of different international arbitration firms and select someone who provides skilled and proficient arbitrators with rich experience in their field.

Consideration of cost is also important since it can vary widely with little difference as to the quality of legal services provided, therefore you should prefer the one which offers the best services at a competitive price.

Arbitration offers impartial and expedited solutions to problems arising from international conflicts and is the most favored course of action for the quick resolution of international disputes.

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