Are you having the plans to move to Nigeria or Cameroon this season? If yes, it is your time to get ready to search for the realistic international shipping deals. The best way in which you can get through the reliable and effective deals in international shipping is to shop and compare on the Internet. Here is quick view of the facts on international shipping to Nigeria and Cameroon:

Shipping to Nigeria

When shipping to Nigeria, it is very natural and important that you are ready with the essential shipping document like Certificate of Residence Change, Customs and Excise Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration, Form Sale 48, PUBD Form, and moreover, Letter authorizing Destination Agent for the shipment clearance.

If you are also shipping to Nigeria your favorite vehicle, car/SUV/Sedan then you also need to exhibit before the customs officials proof of ownership, Original logbook or Registration Certificate, Insurance papers, Original passport, Invoice of purchase, Certificate of Road Worthiness, apart from Make, model and serial number of your car. All vehicles and cars which are more than eight years old are not allowed to enter Nigeria. It is also important to note that the car shipped to Nigeria is for personal use and not for any commercial purpose or resale.

The list of prohibited items includes air pistols, cowries, base or counterfeit currency, airmail photographic printing paper etc. For more details on international shipping to Nigeria, it would be a great idea to consult international shipping company. This will help you to know more details of shipping and international cargo movement to Nigeria.

Shipping to Cameroon

When you are shipping to Cameroon, it is very necessary that you have updated shipping documents. The prominent shipping documents which are required while shipping to Cameroon will include Certificate of Residence Change, letter of transfer from the employer, detailed inventory which is written in French, valued, dated and signed by the authorized signatory. If you are transferring the vehicle to Cameroon it will be highly taxed. The brand new vehicle is not allowed and so are the vehicles which are too old. You have to keep in your mind that the vehicles transported should have complete documentation. The purchase invoice should be updated and complete. Make sure that you do not scribble or conceal any information on the car/vehicle purchase invoice.

Weapons and ammunition, Drugs, Pornographic material and any form of alcohol. Here again, you need to check your cargo and make it sure that you are not carrying any such thing which is branded or categorized under the alcohol. The dutiable and redistricted items include home computers and Electrical/electronic equipment, provided they are less than 6 months old. In order to make car purchase clear to the customs officials, you have to show the original invoices.

With all the information available, you should be ready to take the charge and move your goods either Shipping to Nigeria or Cameroon. You will enjoy smooth shipping as all your hassles will already get over right in the beginning.

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