When it’s time to spread the word about your community theater’s play, or a fundraiser for your worthy cause, or some other event or community gathering, sometimes the best form of advertising is a poster you can ask local merchants to place in their windows.

Most merchants are happy to display attractive, professionally-produced posters of the kind available from your friendly, professional large-format printer. After all, a nice-looking poster contributes to a nice-looking front window display… and shows visitors, customers, and casual passers-by that the business is supportive of the community.

And with the technology available from today’s best large-format printing companies, there are almost no limits to the “punch” you can add to your message with a top-quality poster.

Professional Help To Design The Sign

Ever see an eye-catching poster on display in a shop window or on a bulletin board, and read through it to find there’s no mention of the date or time of the event? Or any information on how to contact the organizers?

It’s a more common problem than you might think.

Some event organizers (and sometimes, even their print shops) get so caught up in the fancy, pretty design of the poster that they forget to include some of the most vital information! Obviously, it doesn’t matter how attractive your handbills or posters are if people who see them can’t tell when and where they’re supposed to show up!

These glaring omissions are also commonly made by people who try to do it all themselves: they type up a “poster” on their computer and photocopy it for distribution, sometimes as an afterthought or as an added responsibility on top of all the other things they’re doing to organize their event.

Not only does this result in a poster most shop owners would be reluctant to display… without the benefit of professional design help, it could result in a diminished effectiveness (or no effectiveness at all).

The smart organizers get help from the pros at a large-format printing business which specializes in projects of this type. Your professional printing consultant has seen and created a lot of posters and handbills, and knows just what to include to make your message as impactful as it can be.

Get The Most Attractive Look Possible With Professional Printing

Suppose there are two posters on display in a given location… one’s a homemade photocopy (printed on a personal printer, or perhaps even handwritten), and the other is colorful, well-designed, and beautifully printed.

If the two posters are advertising “competing” events – gatherings planned for the same date and time, for instance – which do you think will be more effective?

The professional poster wins in almost every case.

Today’s best large-format printing businesses have access to the very best technology to make your poster – and the event it’s advertising – an attractive winner.

Color-matching, image registration, and paper finishes… these are all things you might not consider when going the do-it-yourself route, but which make a big difference in your finished printed product.

And since your large-format printer does many projects and can usually control their costs, your poster project could be done beautifully and professionally for far less than you might imagine.

Really: If you can get a dazzling poster printed for about the same budget as some of the pricier photocopy shops charge, wouldn’t it be worth it?

You put a lot into the event you’re promoting. Don’t “cheap out” when it comes to the poster you’re counting on to bring the right numbers of the right folks to your event. Talk to your qualified large-format printer, and discover the possibilities available with the latest technology. And get ready for a nice crowd!

Author's Bio: 

This is a post by Tim Eunice, the owner of The Visual Edge Signs and Designs Inc. It is a signs and graphics company in Denver. Our staff has a combined 25 years of experience in the sign, graphics and large format printing industries.