Trying to figure out how to get the guy you want to notice you? Many women try and solve this puzzle everyday. There are all kinds of crazy ideas out there that might get you some short-term attention, but if you’re looking to make sure a guy notices you and then later can’t get you off his mind to the point that he has to ask you out, then you should check out the tips below.

7 Surefire Tips to Get the Guy You Want to Notice You

1. Most men do not want to play games. Be straightforward and let him know that you are single. He should not have to ask everyone in the neighborhood if you are attached or not. This is something you should tell him.

2. It has been said many, many times, but it is true. When you are on the stage called life, there is only one role that you can play, and that is you. Guys are not interested in women who pretend to be something they are not. Show him your awesome characteristics. If you are a great friend, then be one of his great friends. Even if you do not like the music he listens to, listen to it without complaining. This will show him that you have an open mind and will not try to change him or his interests.

3. If you want to learn more about this wonderful guy, do a little research. There is no need to follow the guy around with a clipboard and question. You can simply speak to those who know him best. This way you can learn what he likes and what he does not like. If you learn that he loves the group Mod Sun and by some chance Mod Sun is one of your favorite bands as well and they are coming to town soon, there is nothing to stop you from mention how much you love the group, but you really don’t want to go alone. Lucky you, you just happen to have an extra ticket to spare as well.

4. Without a doubt, the number one way to get the guy you want to notice you is to become his friend. A great friendship is the leap pad to great love stories. Take things slowly and let it build up to the point where he’s not happy if he doesn’t hear from you at least once a day.

5. A smile is a greeting that says, “Come on over; you are invited”. Do not be afraid to smile and let his eyes meet yours. A smile says so very much.

6. Do whatever you can to make him feel special. Obviously you think he is something great or you would not be interested in him. In a subtle way, let him know you think he is something swell and that you are very much interested in learning more about him.

7. Remember to look your best at all times. One day you may be out at the supermarket, and there the man of your dreams is. If you want him to notice you, you need to be nicely groomed and nicely dressed.

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