How do you get the guy you want to give you his phone number? In this day and age, people just don’t give their phone numbers to anyone. What can you do to become someone he’s interested in enough to share his number?

6 Ways to Get the Guy You Want to Give You His Phone Number

1) The easiest way to start is by offering him your number and then a trade might happen. If he’s really into texting, tell him that you’re giving him your number simply so that he can text you and leave it at that – no pressure. When the need arises for him to text you, you’ll have his number and an open line of communication.

2) If you want his phone number, then you should be available. If he smiles at you, smile back and aim for direct visual contact. If you are an outgoing person who appears to enjoy the company of others, a fellow is more likely to be interested in you too, and this increases the odds of him asking for you number. When he approaches you, do not hesitate to show off your flirting skills. If you do it right, you’ll have his cell number before he walks away from you.

3) Business cards were made for a reason – so that people could get in contact with each other. If you aren’t bold enough to ask for his number, and he hasn’t offered it, then ask for his business card. Asking for that is less stressful, and you may even learn a little more about him by checking out the card.

4) It may seem difficult, but you’re a woman – you must roar. Ask him for his number. If he’s the right guy for you, then he will be flattered. It’s really just a simple question or it can be a simple tease such as “you give me yours, and I’ll give you mine”. Sometimes, being direct is the best route to take.

5) Still not getting the guy you want to give you his phone number? Then it’s time to take things to the technological level. Find the guy you like on Facebook or MySpace and request his friendship or invite him to become your friend. Once you become his pal, you’ll have access to more information about him, perhaps even his phone number. If the number isn’t online, you’ll still have another way to talk to man of your dreams, and continued contact could lead to that highly sought after phone number.

6) If you run out of time with the fellow you like, you can always ask one of his friends for his number, especially if it was one of his friends who introduced the two of you. Not only will you get the number, but you’ll also let the guy you like know how interested you truly are.

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