You can easily get the guy you want by always putting your best foot forward. Your appearance should not be your biggest concern, but your appearance is important because men do notice how women look. You are not expected to look like you are competing for The Next Top Model position, but you should look nicely groomed at all times.

Your nails should be clipped and clean, both the nails on your hand and your feet. You don not have to spend a fortune on your clothes, but you should always wear clothing that accentuates your best features in style and color . A lovely fragrance will have him sniffing as well as looking in your direction.

Another way to get the guy you want is to flirt with him. Give him quick glances to let him know that you find him attractive. When you walk past him, make a point of lightly bumping into him so the two of you can make eye contact. Make a point of using his name whenever you can. Whenever he is speaking to you, have eyes for no one else. At that moment, he should feel he is the center of your world. Treating him like this will let him know he is desired.

Long gone are the days of playing dumb. Men are attracted to women who are intelligent and are not afraid to go after what they what. While a man may be interested in your dress size, he will be more excited by the fact that you can cook his favorite meal and identify the difference between the positions on a football team.

When you’re talking to the guy that you like, really talk to him. Sometimes it is fun to talk about nothing, but at the same time, you want to let him know who you are and discover more about him in the process. Still you must remember that you’re having a nice chat, not an interrogation. Stay relaxed and throw in a joke every now and then. You’re not trying to get his life story at a meet-and-greet.

If your personality is bubbly and warm and you are able to peak his interest, then you can get the guy you want. Just remember to be yourself and not a copy of the girls you think have it all. If you appreciate yourself for who you are, then this guy will like you too.

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