Rhinorrhea or runny nose can be the worst condition because when it doesn't just stop, it makes even the smallest task turn into a challenge. A runny nose normally indicates issues such as a cold virus or allergy, if it doesn't stop even when you are healthy, it may be due to chronic rhinitis. Do you suffer from persistent nasal congestion or runny nose regardless of what you do? It’s time to try something new, the Broward Specialty Group team provides a long-lasting and effective treatment of runny nose using a cryotherapy device known as Clarifix. For Clarifix in Coconut Creek, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What is Clarifix?

This refers to a medically-proven, minimally invasive option that uses cryotherapy, very cold temperatures to treat Chronic Rhinitis. The procedure involves placing a small handheld device endoscopically in the nose. It uses a cryotherapy balloon to freeze the area fast, often responsible for your frustrating nasal bleeding. Cold temperatures disrupt nerve signaling preventing the nerves from sending signals that cause a runny nose, swelling, or post-nasal drip. With Clarifix, you don’t have to continue relying solely on nasal or oral medications.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Clarifix?

The right candidate for Clarifix has had moderate to severe chronic rhinitis symptoms. The symptoms include runny nose, nasal itching, sneezing, nasal congestion, and sleeplessness, due to nasal discomfort. Severe symptoms might interfere with your ability to participate in daily activities, using nasal sprays or decongestants helps to relieve the symptoms of the condition instead of the root cause. The treatments are only used for a short time before their effectiveness wears off, Clarifix provides a more effective and permanent option for treating chronic rhinitis without the need for additional or frequent treatments.

What Should You Expect During the Clarifix Procedure?

The procedure is effective and brief. The doctor might administer a pain reliever or topical anesthetic before the treatment to enhance your comfort level during the procedure, which may take several minutes to make the area numb. The doctor then inserts the Clarifix device into one nostril. The nasal cavity will be treated for about half a minute and then placed into the second nostril in a repeated procedure. During the Clarifix procedure, the doctor may treat each nostril one or two times.  The Broward Specialty Group team might insert an endoscope into the nasal cavity to view the treatment area.

What Occurs After Clarifix?

Clarifix has limited downtime, and you will be able to resume regular activities after the procedure. You don’t need time off from work; however, you may experience slight discomfort in the nasal area, while some people may experience a slight headache that goes away within a day. It is common to get increased nasal congestion, but it clears up quickly. Using a saline nasal spray or drinking a hot beverage might help enhance your comfort levels.

To sum up, if you always have a runny nose, you might be among the millions of individuals living with chronic rhinitis. If you have tried nasal and oral medications repeatedly and your symptoms are not responding, Clarifix assures you of quick, effective, and long-lasting relief. Call or schedule an appointment online with the team at Broward Specialty Group today.

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