The concept of fans has been traced back to the Roman Empire where people used hand operated devices for the circulation of the air. Fans become more effective after the invention of electric motor in 1740. We have walked a long way since then. The enormous and innovative industrial ceiling fans in a vast area are comforting the people working during the hard days of summer.

Industrial Ceiling fans

The continuous innovation in the field of ceiling fans has finally led to the big, more powerful and effective industrial ceiling fans. Do you know what makes an industrial ceiling fan perfect for circulating air in a larger area like a warehouse or workshop? It’s enormously large air foils aka fan blades. These blades sized form 75’ up to 125’ are made out of the material like steel, Aluminum or industrial grade plastic can generate columns of air that can cover larger area. A powerful motor ensures the continuous rotation of the blade. The major difference between industrial ceiling fan and traditional fan is that the big fan is structured to concern more about continue non-disruptive air flow than the RPM. These are fans for larger warehouse.

Comfortable working environment

The biggest concern of any operational manager is not to plan, manage and supervise the operation but it to well-being of the workers, giving them a good working environment that can boost their productivity.

In industries in the absence of the air condition system, the humidity and temperature increases that could result in inferior performance from the worker. The Ideal temperature for working environment is 60 to 75 Fahrenheit. The big industrial fan helps with humidity and temperature of the working area and time by time it has been proven more cost effect than an HVAC system. Sometime properly placed fan can replace the air conditioning system. Except the comfort, it also cycles air from warmer to cooler spreading cool breeze in the warehouse and helps to cut down the energy cost of the firm.After all of these years of development in ceiling fans, the main challenge is to provide comfort. “You know good things happen when employees feel good.” This is a known fact.

Can we use Industrial ceiling fan at home?

Industrial fans are known for their big size and powerful performance. These fans are too heavy and too expensive to install in residential areas. The reason is the height of the ceiling. The industrial fans require the ceiling height of 10 feet or higher for better performance and for the safety purposes. If you just want the look of the industrial fans but not its power then there is good news for you. Many top manufacturershave started developing fans that are called Industrial styled fans having the entire look but lacking the power. These industrial styled fans can be used commercially; in offices, banks, hospitals at home in bedrooms, living room etc.Unlike the industrial ones, the blade of this type of fans are made out of the plastic or metal like iron.

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