If you’re planning your next big video conferencing session, then it’s time to consider this handy function to gain a high level of transparency, understanding, and engagement. Screen Sharing enables participants to see your screen and enhance online meetings. For innovative and modern meetings to evolve through quality relationships with partners, internal teams, customers, etc. Screen Sharing helps promote collaboration, productivity, and communication reliability.
But, how do you get the most out of this essential function?

#1. Practice before you begin screen sharing in real-time.

Screen Sharing is a critical tool to leverage during a video conference. Keep your audiences engaged for a better conferencing experience. Practice your screen sharing capabilities before you start shaking hands in a virtual environment. To test your screen sharing capabilities, it might be a good thought to demo a video conference session with friends or colleagues. Testing content delivery before the actual meeting begins is a hassle-free technique to enable successful screen sharing. Practicing quick and effective troubleshooting before the meeting makes everything easier for the whole team to communicate & collaborate.

#2. Use free premium software to make screen sharing easy to manage.

To make the video conferencing experience streamlined, enterprises need to subscribe to the easy-to-setup video conferencing solution. The last thing you want is wasting time at the beginning of your virtual meeting viz. adding users, downloading software, and guiding users, etc. This causes an annoying delay if you have invested a good amount of money in subscribing to video conferencing solutions. With an easy-to-use video conferencing solution, users can share their screen easily with users to show images, PDF’s, spreadsheets, etc.
#3. Go ahead of time & prepare for the video conferencing.

It’s not only your audience who needs preparation, but it is also important that you are ready to roll out with the right kind of preparation. It is better to answer the following questions before the meeting begins –

• What is your purpose of demonstration for screen sharing?
• What are the documents, files, or folders you need to access?
• How are you going to find the files and folders when the conferencing commences?
• What are the programs and apps that you would be using?
• Do you have the right credentials at hand?
• Does your system need updating?

#4. Look at the presentation.
Whilst considering screen sharing, users need to check the presentation during a video conference. This says a lot about the level of professionalism and you. Choosing the right kind of background that shows a character, meme, etc. isn’t perfect for professional meetings. Bad layouts can cause unwanted distraction, and a neatly ordered desktop with the right icons, shortcuts, folders can make a significant difference. Take a good amount of time to show your professional self to other participants as the conferencing session begins. This is quite critical if you have not met other participants, as it can cause a bad first impression.
#5. Think about notifications and popups.
You don’t want to meet participants getting distracted by annoying notifications by email, status reports, alerts, beeps, etc. Close down programs that might pose as a distraction, sign out of chat, email, messaging, that could hinder the screen-sharing presentation. This will leave the stage set for a seamless screen sharing experience with no disturbances.
Tips to consider the best screen sharing software.
There are various things users need to consider whilst choosing the best screen sharing software.
• Great features
• Great security
• Application understanding
• Dependability in terms of reliability and trustworthiness
• Feature-packed, affordable, and scalable plans

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In the era of globalization, businesses happen anywhere and anytime. Screen sharing tools enhance effectiveness and efficiency across company collaboration, training, demonstrations, etc. Features like screen sharing help save a lot of time and money to achieve business success. The concept of screen sharing is simple, yet effective for users to leverage, and it is one feature you should not miss out on. It is a formidable tool that gets together remote teams like never before. Some video conferencing solutions like iFMeets consider screen sharing as one of its key features to make collaboration successful, productive, and efficient.