Have you been putting off reading the 700-page book on your desk, or do you just lack the time to sift through those countless pages and want all the information you need from the book in a concise and concise manner? The RollingSlate App is designed to help you do exactly that. All you have to do is use this fantastic free book summaries app to see what we want to refer to as "Slates." A slate is a condensed version of the same 700-page novel, with a reading time of around 15 minutes. Imagine being able to read a book's emotions and message in the same amount of time it takes you to finish your morning coffee! The best part? You can also listen to them when you're on the move! Nothing will be able to keep you from learning what you need to do. 


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RollingSlate App is on the journey to be the biggest virtual library of book summaries with its wide range of book summaries which is updated every day with the latest books. This app is a virtual portal into the realm of wisdom for all book lovers out there. This is a top book summaries app with a database on more than 30+ genres which is updated daily. So, whichever genre you're in the mood to read, chances are that we got it. Here at RollingSlate, we believe that knowledge is best preserved through the ages and for that, we aim to build the world's biggest book library so that every reader out there has easy access to whatever content they want, whenever they want. It's an incredible platform for students to explore their interests without having to pay a single penny. The essence of the writing and emotions stays intact when the detailed summaries are made for the books so that the message that the author wanted to pass on stays as impactful as in the book. This will help you save a lot of time. Management and Leadership is a very trending genre nowadays. Everyone- youth to elders are browsing about the best ways to learn to be a good leader for a successful business across the globe. Even we got some slates for you to enjoy some quality leadership content. 


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RollingSlate app is a free audio book summary app that has a slate on one of the top books on Management & Leadership of all time - “Good to Great”. Jim Collins’s previous bestseller Built to Last explains how great companies sustain high performance and stay great. Most companies, however, are not great. Hence the more burning question: How do companies go from good to great? What do they do differently from their competitors who stay mediocre at best? To answer these questions, Jim Collins and his research team studied three groups of public US companies in a five-year project: Good-to-great companies, which had been performing at or below the average stock market performance for 15 years, before making a transition to “greatness,” in other words generating cumulative returns of at least three times the general stock market over the next 15 years. Direct comparison companies, which remained mediocre or dwindled although they had roughly the same possibilities as the good-to-great companies during the time of transition. Unsustained comparison companies, which made a short-lived transition from good-to-great, but slid back to performing at a level substantially below the stock market average after their rise.

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