Have you at any point wished you could compose mobile applications? All things considered, on the off chance that you are a C# designer, you actually are a mobile application developer utilizing Xamarin. With Xamarin, you can utilize C# to compose local applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh, tizen and so forth. In any case, similar to any new innovation, the critical step is beginning and composing that first application. We have now made it super simple for you to learn Xamarin Cross Platform Application Development. Online courses are presently accessible on request from Connect 2016. These recordings will walk you through well ordered, all that you have to do to begin your first Xamarin application.
Module #1: Introduction to Xamarin
This session gives a brisk prolog to the Xamarin devices for Visual Studio. It will demonstrate to you what you have to create, troubleshoot, send and distribute applications for iOS and Android utilizing Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017 RC with the Xamarin instruments introduced.
Module #2: Introduction to Xamarin.Forms  
Before the finish of this session, you will have a decent comprehension of how Xamarin.Forms functions, how to plan essential pages, and how to impart code to Portable Class Libraries or Shared Projects. At long last, we will start another venture – a Trivia application, which will be finished all through the rest of the sessions.
Module #3: XAML Fundamentals  
Xamarin.Forms bolster the utilization of the XAML markup dialect to outline your UI. In this session, we will cover the fundamentals of the XAML dialect, plan a couple of more screens for our trivia application, and investigate some prescribed procedures when utilizing XAML with your mobile applications and Xamarin.Forms.
Module #4: Adding Azure Web Services
Since the primary bits of the trivia application are set up, we will investigate adding a server backend to our mobile application utilizing Azure App administrations. This session will demonstrate to you how fast and simple it is to include a cloud-based database which is synchronized to your application, enabling you to change the information that drives your application without distributing another form of the application each time.
Module #5: UI Testing  
We as a whole realize that we have to test our applications altogether to guarantee quality – and this is especially essential in the mobile world where a couple of terrible audits can murder your deals on the different application stores! In this session, we will test our trivia application utilizing Xamarin.UITest and Xamarin TestCloud. These devices enable you to characterize the conduct of your application and afterward robotize the application on test systems and physical gadgets to approve the normal conduct. To guarantee we attempt our application on each conceivable variety, we will push our tests up to the cloud where we can run it crosswise over many genuine gadgets and get back a complete report of any disappointments.
Module #6: Distributing your application and gathering data  
In this last session, we will prepare to circulate our trivia application to the world – beginning with some beta analyzers. We will take a gander at two unique frameworks – initially, HockeyApp which enables us to screen and gather runtime investigation from our application as it keeps running on all our beta analyzers gadgets. At that point, we will investigate Visual Studio Mobile Center, reported at Connect(); which brings a lot of the mobile platform frameworks we took a gander at through the span of the day together.

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