IIT JEE and GRE figure among the most competitive exams in the world. Every tough exam needs good preparation in which case the exam becomes easy. Figuring the preparation method is difficult and that is why you need a coaching center to guide you. But, first, one must be aware of the background and exam structure. Here we look at the competitive exams GRE, SAT, and IIT JEE entrance tests.

Study the Exam Test Pattern
The first thing to do is to make sense of the Main JEE paper pattern. Though each student is capable enough, there is the competition. Most students are not prepared to break through the competition because this is the first instance of having to fight on an All-India level. To develop mental toughness, you must join a coaching center. You can join the Best Coaching Centre in Itanagar, become mentally prepared, and become thorough in the subject quickly.

Engineering Seats Available
You need to pass the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main to get admission to various engineering colleges in India. To become a B.Tech graduate from IIT is the dream of every child passing out today. You have over 37,000 seats in the various IITs and NITs across the country. In addition, there are other participating institutes that offer up to 7 lac seats. So, you will definitely get a seat but if you want to join one of the top institutes, you must score good marks.

Coaching Centre Preparation
Get coaching in both offline and online mode. It will help you if you interact with the teachers at the coaching institutes because they are experienced in placing students and will understand where you lack and why. You will get expert advice and if you follow it, you will succeed. The first thing is to prepare a timetable at home. Give equal importance to Physics, Chemistry, and Math. Start with your favorite subject and work your way from there.

Break Up of the Paper
There are two papers in JEE Main, one is for engineering students and the other is for Architecture students. Both are of 3 hours duration. The Engineering paper will have questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Math. You get 4 points for a correct answer and 1 point is deducted for a wrong answer. You can attempt this paper in both offline and online mode. The Architecture paper has Math, Aptitude Test, and Drawing Test. The points are awarded just like before except that in the Drawing Test, negative marks will not apply. This Architecture paper is conducted in offline mode alone.

Set Your Schedule
Begin by timing your study. Set aside 4 days for each chapter, mark the progress you make. If you finish fast, reduce the time you have marked and set a new schedule. Keep enough time for revision. So, make sure you finish ahead of your exam date.

Spend enough time preparing and some time relaxing. Do not discuss your preparation with your friends as this will disrupt your preparation process. Also, stick to the study schedule and you will reach the other shore comfortably. It is tough, so you need to be tough.

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