Joining a college of your dreams like the best engineering college in Dehradun is not so easy. It requires tremendous hard work, excellent scores and patience to get there. And when you do get selected at the institute you’ve always wanted to join, your joy, naturally, knows no bounds. While some students balance studies and recreation well in academic life, others tend to shy away from a little from extra-curricular activities and prefer to just study round-the-clock.
Well, it is important for the student community to know that college life isn’t only about studying and learning. Pursuing hobbies, being active in extra-curricular activities and soaking in stimulating experiences that they fetch are also an intrinsic part of life. The best engineering college in Dehradun recognize this fact and therefore encourage their students to engage in extra-curricular activities that rejuvenate and enrich them.

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions- Ideal College to Learn and Chill

Engineering colleges in Dehradun like Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions are well-known for the flawless balance they help their students strike between ‘acads’ and fun. It is a proven fact that participating in extra-curricular activities such as cultural, sports and literary events and competitions arranged by institutes do a world of good for the students. Apart from relaxing and distressing their minds, students explore new arenas and experiences which raise their confidence level, build their people skills and form new friendships. For instance, most institutes have their own annual cultural fests as well as sports day which give students an exciting platform to showcase their talent by participating in them. In addition, students can also become volunteers and organize these events, which gives them opportunities to cultivate managerial and leadership skills.

Lots to Look Forward to at Best Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

If you are a part of any of the best engineering colleges in Dehradun you’ve got loads of exciting times to forward too. You will get several opportunities throughout your time there to join your favourite clubs, participate in activities you love and also represent your institute in inter-collegiate competitions. They add to your learning and help you develop confidence that only being immersed in books cannot. At the same time, your professors will ensure that your focus on academics remains intact!

Why Students should take Keen Interest in College Education

The other things you imbibe as a college-goer are important life skills, confidence and a global outlook towards life besides knowledge and a college degree. Best engineering colleges in Dehradun also mentor and equip students with all the skills necessary to become competitive globally. Receiving college education also broadens the horizons before you make self-reliant, and instils a sense of independence and the spirit to do something for the world.

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