I know you have take a new year resolution of changing a bad habit of yours, And transform yourself into a Positive soul. But get rid of bad habits is not that much easy, not for anyone of us. Generally bad habits are easily become a part of our life and last long in our life.
It takes a years to build a positive habits and another year to follow that completely. That's completely opposite in case of bad habits.
So here are the some ways through which we can use our bad habits for good cause, or you can say it as positive transformations. Through this way you use that habits for the positive purpose. This gonna be a positive transformation of our self by applying those bad habits for good intentions.
1. ANGER: If you have habit to be ANGRY at anything,to anyone…then also be angry at yourself for being too lazy.
2. LAZINESS: If you have a habit to stay LAZY all the time …then make a habit to remain lazy, at the time to give a reply to those who have not value for your words.

3. QUITTING: If you have a habit to QUIT on several cases…then also make a habit to quit smoking, even if someone offer you free cigarette. (This is the thing, that your family also wants you to change, So change not only for you but for them as well.)

4. DEFEAT : If you really want to DEFEAT something…then also make a habit to defeat those doubts which don’t let you take a first step towards dreams.

5. TAKE CONTROL OVER: If you have a habit to TAKE CONTROL OVER on major things & persons...then also make a habit to control on your over thinking, which block you from creating a history.

6. LEAVING: If you have a habit to LEAVE any task incomplete…then also make a habit to leave your ego. As you leave it in the games with small kids, to make him feel the Victory.

7. GIVE UP: If you have a bad habit to GIVE UP on major things...then also make a habit to give up on your negative thoughts & beliefs , that says You can not Do it.

8. FORGETTING: If you have habit to FORGET many things… then also make a habit to forget a bad past, a mistakes, a relationship that hurts you in present. (Why you have kept that unnecessary things in your heart??)

9. MAD OVER AT: If you have a habit to go MAD OVER…then also make a habit to go mad at working on the thing that your heart really want you to do.

10. CRAZINESS: If your friends and family complain for your CRAZY nature …then also make a habit to go Crazy to make smile on those faces whose heart broken and it’s been a month they laugh truly.

11. SHY NATURE: If you have a habit to feel SHY at something or to start something new…then also make habit to shy before saying a bad word which may hurt others.

12. LIE: If you have a Bad habit to say LIE a lot…then also make a habit to lie, when it brings happiness in other life.

13. FIGHTING: If you have a habit to FIGHT with anyone, anytime…then also make a habit to fight for your own rights, for the justice.

14. STEALING: If you have a habit to STEAL something …then also make a habit to steal someone's pain, with whom they are living.

15. Illegal Act: If you have a habit to do a things that later on turn into an ILLEGAL act…then also make a habit to say truth to everyone on their face. (It's proven more illegal today.)

Whether it's your new year resolution or self awareness, a changing of bad habits is really a essential thing. In order to grow in life and to see a positive side of a life, one must leave their bad habits. I know that it is not that easy to leave those habits. But the described ways are one that you can adopt to transform the bad habits for positive purpose.

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ketan is a 20s guy, a blogger. Writing blogs about life lessons and experience till today.Aim to meet a like-minded people and sharing his thoughts about life.