All my clients have one thing in common they want their retirement money safe but they don't want to "tie" it up - they want to enjoy it! So here's a way to "have your cake and eat it too".

Many of you are looking for a safe environment to put your money to avoid the volatility of the market but one in which you will still be able to get to the money when you want it and make a decent rate of return. You could move it to cash or money market inside the brokerage account but you get no rate of return to speak of. Plus there is no guarantee that the brokerage firm is safe - YOUR MONEY IS NOT GUARANTEED! CD's are safe but you can only access the funds without penalties at the end of the term and then you only have a 5-7 day window or so. (some exceptions) Plus you might as well put it under your mattress right now because you get virtually NO return for your investment. With both these options you still have to pay taxes on any gains further diminishing your returns. (Don't forget that taxes start going up next year!)

Another option is Fixed Annuities. These insurance products provide safety (principal is guaranteed) and more liquidity (typically 10%) and a little higher interest rates than CD's (2-5%). They also offer tax deferral with give you the advantage of TRIPLE COMPOUNDING! Unfortunately the perception is that Annuities TIE up your money. That's NOT reality but it's what your broker and banker emphasize to keep you from moving your money so let's deal with it.

Let's say you have $300,000. After the first year, you'd be able to take out $30,000 per year with no fees. So the only questions you have to ask is, "Is that enough?" The contract is typically longer on these products but there's probably more liquidity than you think. But let's say it's not enough - you need more liquidity.

To get the liquidity you want with safety and better rates of return, put part of the money in a Fixed Indexed Annuity giving you 10% free access and part in a Fixed Indexed Annuity with a RETURN OF PREMIUM RIDER. The return of premium rider allows you to liquidate the account at ANY time with NO FEES OR SURRENDER CHARGES. Typically you'll lose some or all of any interest earned but you can't lose your principal.

Here's how it might work for you. Let's say you have $300,000 and you'd like to have access to closer to $50,000 at any given time. If you put it all in an FIA you'd only have $30,000. So put $280,000 an FIA with 10% access and $20,000 in an FIA with a Return of Premium Rider. Now you have 10% of $280K plus the full $20K = $48,000; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

One reason to use two different FIA's is you'll typically get higher rates of return without the rider so you can maximize your earnings potential. You can also add income riders that will allow you to trigger a guaranteed income for life and still have access, use and control of the money while it continues to grow. (These riders also return 4-8% guaranteed for income)

Now, if an opportunity arises for you to buy a boat, new house, take advantage of a real estate opportunity or just move some money back in the market, when it stabilizes, you have access to the cash you need without penalties.

If you'd like to see how this might work for you, please, take advantage of my free offer to analyze your retirement plan. It won't take but a little of your time to make a lifetime of positive impact. Also, please leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Safe savings,

Roger Ely offers safe money retirement strategies to help you maximize and convert your retirement savings into retirement income guaranteed for life, provide for continued growth, help over come Long Term Care costs, and guarantee you Never Lose Another Dime! More information is available at Don't forget your FREE consultation!

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Roger Ely is a licensed insurance agent but that's not why you'd do business with him. He's the Professional you go to to help you solve the problems other Brokers, Bankers, Agents and Advisors have created for you. Roger can hlep you:

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*stop paying taxes on interest earnings (CD's, Brokerage accounts, Mutual funds)

*plan for the devastating costs of Long Term Care but avoid Medicaid spend-down

*make sure heirs inherit your nest egg avoiding the evils of probate & estate taxes

*convert taxable IRA's to TAX FREE Roth IRA (till end of '10)

*guarantee your income for life


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