Today, international shipping has become one of the refined trade industries operating on world level. Highly specialized set of shipping services are being offered by the international shipping companies which are ready to transfer your goods to the designated area. The international shipping companies also offer customized range of container services. The containers with the goods are transferred to the designated area as per the time committed by respective shipping company. Here, it is also significant to mention that you choice from the list of shipping companies would indeed be taken in to consideration and given top priority. For the good of your car, definitely you would not like to go ahead with the international car shipping company which is inexperienced and does not offer you customized service model for transferring your precious luxury model car.

International shipping companies charge variable quotes for transferring the goods and for which reason you need to shop around for a while and get the hang of best quotes. Furthermore, the shipping quotes are also adjusted depending upon the type of container you are opting. If you are going for open container shipping the price of shipping your goods will be less than closed container. If you book full container load shipping service, then you need to pay the price of full container irrespective of whether the container is completely loaded or not. If you are thinking of international shipping to Netherlands or Belgium, you need to look into specific customs requirements which will run parallel to the shipping. You need to make sure after discussing with the shipping company whether the cargo and freight moving company is adept at offering shipping to Netherlands and Belgium. Once you are confident about it, your next step should intend towards hiring the services straight away for easy and hassle free shipment of your goods to the designated country.

Shipping to Netherlands

Shipping to Netherlands is quite time consuming and for which purpose, it is very important that you have complete documentation ready. The essential list of documents required for car shipping to Netherlands would require Import Declaration Form (IDF), Clean Report (IDF) and Clean Report Finding (CRF), Log Book, Certificate of Local Value. You also need to show Certificate of Registration which will clearly mention engine and chassis number, first date of registration, besides, the engine capacity. If you are visiting Netherlands for the first time or returning Netherlandian citizens who have been living outside Kenya for period of 2 years, there is permission for importing one car absolutely duty free.

Shipping to Belgium

If you are Car Shipping to Belgium, make sure that you discuss complete customs duty procedures with the international shipping company and based on it make the final decision. Shipping to Belgium is a laborious process and for which you need to prepare yourself well in advance. Do not be in a hurry to ship your car to Belgium with foolproof preparation.

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